These days there have been a lot of scams related to free bitcoins & many people become victim of the trap unfortunately. Still somehow we wonder if there could be a legit way through which we could earn some free crypto & not get scammed. Well I have a solution to your problem. You can in fact earn free bitcoins that too without having to do anything. Why should you trust me? The reason being I am an user & have suggested it to my friends; the only thing we regret is not knowing about this earlier


Earn Free BTC By Just Viewing Ads

We all are annoyed by the ads that pop up on our screens to just disturb our experience. But what if  you could get paid for viewing those irritating ads; that too in in Crypto currency (with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin & many others ). The viewing time of ads range from 10s-45s & the pay depends on the view time of the ads.


468X60.gifCoinPayU is a crypto platform where you can view ads & earn crypto currency within a minute. The system is very simple, the very first thing you need to do is sign up. You can sign up by clicking on the sign up button or using this link After signing up jump straight forward to the 'View Ads' page. From there you can see various types of ads. Select the type of ad you wanna view & choose from the lists of ads. The pay & view duration will be listed along with the title of ad so you can view it at your own comfort. 

Types of Ads you can view:

  • Surf Ads
  • Window Ads
  • Video Ads

We'll talk about each one in detail; Surf Ads are my favorite. In the Surf Ads you just need to click on the link & an ad will open up in a new tab. YOU DON'T necessarily need to view the ads. You can switch back to CoinPayU & wait for the timer to go off. That's it, you have have your free bitcoins.

Windows Ads: These are the same of Surf Ads except we need to stay on the tab on which ad is playing for the time duration

Video Ads: In this type of ads you'll generally be redirected towards a YouTube video (which of course you don't have to view fully); you need to watch for 30 secs & you can head back & claim your prize 


Other Ways to Earn Crypto on CoinPayU 

Other than ads there are other ways through which you can earn some free Crypto on CoinPayU, you can some free crypto each hour from their faucets with a variety of cryptos you can choose from; Other way through which you can earn some GOOD amount of crypto is through surveys. You just need to provide your honest answers & that is it. Though surveys are generally longer & time consuming but they provide a far better reward than viewing ads. Also another way through which you can earn some Crypto on CoinPayu is by completing offers; you can view the offers by visiting the offers window on the site



For me CoinPayU is one heck of a site. It pays out crypto for basically doing nothing. They provide payout through a range of crypto currencies available. You'd like payout in Etheruem, here you go, You like Dogecoin, No Problem. The way I use this site is when I'm just passing my time scrolling Instagram; in one hand I use my phone scrolling instagram & on the other hand I use my pc to just click on the ads & get paid. After all why you wouldn't wanna be paid for doing nothing.


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Living Life on FREE CRYPTO
Living Life on FREE CRYPTO

These days there have been a lot of scams related to free crypto & many people become victim of the trap unfortunately. But we examine the websites personally to provide you the best & legitimate sites so you can have a side/passive income of crypto without getting scammed

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