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How work Zeventoken? This is the best moment to buy!

By Fredog | Fredog | 31 Oct 2020

Welcome to cryptocurrency world!


I guess you are hearing about "Bitcoin", now the value for this crypto currency is around $45k per each BITCOIN; is amazing! if you can remember when they started at 0.003$ like a trade between users. One owner, SoLaszlo Hayneck made the first buy of the history with Bitcoin, buying 2 pizzas with 10k coins, thats mean in this time around 116M of dolars! This day is known as "Bitcoin Pizza Day".

10K BTC TO PAY ONE PIZZA. BITCOIN PIZZA DAY. 50fbf68a42b1d352d1687fbd0ca133eca040e4263edfdf1c85e845bbf61ce529.jpeg Laszlo Hanyecz - First cryto user with BTC

This men wasn't a visionary person, sometimes we lost opportunities for fear or lack knowledges. Can you imagine this? I wish can get at least 10 of thats coins for pizza right now.... And You?

WELL, dont feel bad dude, now we have one more opportunity with a brand new proyect. I am talking about ZEVENTOKEN!


This proyect is based on recycle, we are a bad generation and we are damaging the world step to step everyday, Zeventoken saw this and said "we have to do something like never before", basicly. 

The ZVC (Zeventoken) is an eco- coin that represent parts of initial investment of the compañy for fabricate maquines that help to convert our trash, on new products friendly with the world and make products for the future, like sintetic diesel, with this the value of the coins will be increasing and we are invensting because we bought now at low price to sell when the price up.



Here you can read the WHITEPAPERS about the proyect , this contain all info is you want read with more details.


About the price, now is at 0.95$ every coin, there is people buying a lot of this zvc because there is promotion, bonus coins, 80% cashback and more but, the real reason is because the proyect started at 0.10$ on April, after the price up to 250% to 0.30$ and the next increase would be at 0.50$ on November. December 2020, around to 0.70$ and January 2021 will be public at 1$ per coin. Here you can buy at 1$ on all exchange that you know right now, for the moment is a private token which you need buy HERE (Read the tutorial down). 

value zvc     Road

All your funds might be withdraw with HYT app, the official wallet for Zeventoken. With this you can pay around the world using MASTERCARD.

HYT APP 985e0309382202dd762287bb7479b4fc4c5eb8ac4760170cb56410a2c270bb43.jpeg



First step : Go to SIGN UP 

You will be here, use your real name, number and direction ,then this will need one verification.


After this step, the site will send you an email, check your email app and check the inbox and make click on "Confirm Email" . Then on the site you will see one QR code to scan, for this is necessary GOOGLE AUTENTICATOR, once time downloaded open zeventoken on another phone o PC, try sign in and scan the code with your phone to log in, in the app check the temporal code, write the code on zeventoken page and done! You are logged!

You first step is completed, now we have you learn more about the dashboard right?


* DASHBOARD, is all you can see. Promotions, news, recent price , you balance (here you can send some coins to your friends if you want, only 7 for day) bougth packs and somethings importans like:

  - ZEVENPOINTS: With this you can get one range like Ambassador, each time that one of you refer buy one dolar you get 5% like point. You need 100,000 zevenpoits to be ambassador. Too is possible use this point like ZVC coins. I dont recomment do it for now.

  - TRADE ACCOUNT: This balance is use to buy packs for you tribe, every time that one of your tribe buy pack you get 10% of commition but sometimes the tribe cannot buy for different razons, how not to have credit or debit card, or not to have knowledges about buy crypto coins and you can help them, adding money on trade account and buy it for them and them pay you with cash money or bank tranfer! This give you one code that you tribe member must be use to get the coins or activate the account. This balance can be use for you too.

  - LENDING: This is one important part, here you can safe you coins during different times and get porcent for it. The first is for ONE YEAR , 35% and the second is TWO YEARS with 70%. During this time you can´t take off the coins from lending , this process is automatic and the coins will be out of lending when the time end , all you coins + the porcent at the price actual in that moment!!! For example, you choose one year from today , 0.50$. But after one year the price is 700$, you are rich!. Each one of you coins cost 700$. Doesn´t lose value while are on lending or gain more value, is the same but you obtain more coins for do lending. 

 - BONUS TRADE ACCOUNT: Similar to trade account, but this balace is coming from bonus ;) being ambassador is the best.

* MY PROFILE: Here you must do the verefication with you ID (Is possible do it with HYT app), and make change if you want before to do the verefication. 

* SHOPS: All packs you can buy. HURRY UP TO BUY!

* MY CODES: Every pack have one code of transaction, here you can check it. 

* My TRIBE: Everyone person that use your referal link will be show here. You get 10% from each buy made from your tribe members.



First go to SHOP, and select the pack to buy, you can start with 30$ and clicking on + or - if you want more than 1 of the same. Then check the shopping cart and process to pay. You must write the google autenticator code one more time here and your password. You will see one QR code and the bitcoin or etherium address to deposit and soon, on NOVEMBER using HYT app with MASTERCARD PRE-PAID.

             2b1c6bc7b805bf168bca23c7c4f619c140c8c9affb5b9f2b1cc4b79aed9879c2.jpeg  474ada542881ed66a1864bff354a3f62788521d68f7f17289781d59ba6bb322e.jpeg

If you dont have a wallet with crypto, I recomment CEX IO because is easy to use, sign up with first level of verefication, only name, number and mail and you can use you credit card to buy some Bitcoin, then from CEX IO send the coins to the bitcoin wallet that ZEVENTOKEN give you to pay or scan the QR is you download the app for smartphones. If you want buy more etherium or Bitcoins you must do the second level of verification on CEX IO, adding your address. I leave a tutorial down.





Friend, once time you buy one pack you have your referal link on your profile. But, i want to explain something. This is not a pyramid. You dont need add people to gain here, you benefics are directly proportional from you invenst. Looking people to refer is one bonus  and is good share you content with friends or family, but say them that THIS IS NOT A PYRAMID. Is important, usually the persons when see this type proyect directly think "I will have to add people to make money, this is not for me" and with Zeventoken doesn´t need do it. Only buy for you, and share. If them want buy or not is problem of theyself that are losing the opportunity. Remember this.

Something you must know. Zeventoken want help to the world and for each member signed up, a new tree will be planted with the mission ONETREEPLANTED.

This campain is only one part of the all proyects, we are on the first phase yet. 




After this, take your time and think how i can use my money? HYT app solve this easly! 

15276f46304ab6c995408d47c21e8b6d0cdb069e1983910ec45cfab48537aae3.png        f930ed6669d603219f949cda93478cf250019a066dee24f9f8a990165d995f3d.jpeg

Firts make sure to SIGN UP, same process to zevencoin sign up. Your info, check the mail and log in.

Then you will need do the KYC, very important! Upload you ID card, your info and send it. This page is safe, dont worry. When you got the KYC approved you can choose a plan, there one free and anothers to buy, make your choose, buy it, then use the wallet, add the cards to Bitcoins, Etherium, Zeventoken, Bank Account and The Mastercard pre-paid (cost 5$ for virtual card, if you want the plastic card you must choose the plan with this option incluyed, you can change your last choose later). Then you will be able to pay on any place that accept Mastercard how payment method or accept crypto coin to pay.

With HYT app you earn points for each member that use the wallet to buy, tranfer o send money between users and more benefics for your personal use like bonus for travel, descount on restaurants, shops, market places, tecnologies and entertainment with all the sites affiliated on HYT app. Basicly you get benefics for all you do inside the app. Too you can add friends like a social network and all this automaticly, the app make the exchange from crypto coin to usd for you at the moment that you are goint to pay. So, HYT app is a social network where you have your cards to pay all you want instantly with Zeventoken. Wonderful!




It´s all, you are one part of zevencoin now. Only stay alert of the news on Instagram with Zeventoken_news and ZEVENTOKEN Channel- LBRY.

Thank you for read, this is a good opportunity for all us. Buy it and be part of ZEVENTOKE


Was a pleasure told you about the proyect, let me know if you have question on the comment or follow me on Instagram, Lbry or Youtube like "Invierte En El Reciclaje". Thanks you again!




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