By fredkese | fredkese | 4 Oct 2019

Is it true that Africans love excuses? We always have a reason for our failures? Does the whole world love excuses? Whenever something goes bad it's never our fault.

My phone's dictionary app defines excuse as to explain, with the aim of alleviating guilt or negative judgement.

Lots of things get undone because we make up excuses for them. The unfortunate thing is, society often accept it, but only you will face the consequence. Don't let society's sympathy cause you to remain where you are. You are worth so much more.

Your spouse leaves you and after 10 years, you tell everyone that's the reason you don't have a happy life. There are others who lost their spouses and children and still found a way to be happy.

Never blame your circumstances or someone for your failures. Once you do that, you wouldn't be able to pull yourself out and find solutions. You will seek comfort in your excuses and remain there.

You are going through challenges, so is everyone else. Don't use that as an excuse to fail. If something matters to you, you don't make excuses for not going for it.

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