Have your email been exposed??

Security in internet is one the crucial things that we want. We are at crypto world for some reason and that reason is the security.Times to times hackers hack databases of sites or services, after that they sell your information to others to use and crack your accounts in diferent sites(ex.: spotify, facebook, instagram or even Publish0x).That's why you should have different and complex password for each site that you use.

How to know if your email have been exposed??

There is a simple site called 'have i been pwned' that show you if your email have been exposed or not.


That's the main interface of the site.And you just need to put your email to check if your email have been pwned.


After you put your email. You just need to click on the button that says 'pwned?'.


Then will appear that if your email didn't get exposed:


But if your email got pwned is this that will appear:gotPWNED

If you already got pwned bellow of this is going to appear all of data breaches that you got exposed:


How to improve my security?

To improve you security in you passwords, you can use a different password in each site and write down on paper and keep the piece of paper in a safe place. You can also use encrypted programs to save you passwords (here you can see a post about that.).



Hope this post helps you to stay safer in the internet :).



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Francisco Borges
Francisco Borges

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Francisco Borges
Francisco Borges

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