Nature in the UK

By Foxy | foxy | 14 Nov 2020

So I decided to take my own advice from my previous post and go out and just take any old pictures just to get used to the camera. And what better way than to just go for a walk and take pictures of nature! Of course some of these are taken earlier in the year but I was still just 'tinkering' with the camera at the time and hadn't learnt how to use the camera at all.

Bluebells are very common in the UK but I like how this one turned out. Separating a single flower gives a much more striking look to it, becoming much more vibrant against the green that is surrounding it.



Another common flower - the Rhododendron. My local park is full of these of all colours throughout late spring to early summer. It was quite hard to find a nice flower to take a picture of; we had a lot of hot, sunny weather and the majority of them were sunburned.



Right at the bottom of the park is a nice flat (yay!) path which winds its way under a canopy of trees, making it much cooler and a lot greener.



Closer to Autumn, the colour changes that occur I find amazing. When the sun hits the yellowing leaves the colour really stands out.



I found a new place to go for my walks and the wooded area is cleaved in twain (sorry. Just love that saying. ;) Basically the stream runs right through the middle of the trees).



All in all, I am really happy with these photos. It really shows what my Nikon can do without any effort on my part. I did take many, many, many more photographs than this, but these are currently my top pictures which I think show the potential of what can be achieved - and more importantly, what I can achieve. After all the camera is just a tool and I need to learn how to use it.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures and you keep an eye out for my next post. Bye for now!

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