Nature in the UK: Part 2

By Foxy | foxy | 22 Nov 2020

To carry on from my last post, I decided to put a few more pictures that I have taken at the beginning of my photographic journey.

To see how the 'f' number affects the look and feel of a photograph, I took this picture of a Buttercup with f/3.9. I think it focusses on the flower having the blurred background.



The Horse Chestnut is a tree with gorgeous leaves with teardrop leaves forming a circle; it really shows the symmetry of nature. Using f/3, the leaves become more out of focus the further back in the photograph they are.

Horse Chestnut


I decided to see how well the camera held up to taking a picture of the same leaf but at a much closer range and I was very impressed with how it turned out. Not to mention the detail of the leaf showing in such detail!

Horse Chestnut Leaf


I came across this white Foxglove standing on its own in the midst of green and purple. Although I love the subject, I could have improved on it by ensuring the whole of the flower was in frame and used a lower f number than f/4.8 so that the background was more blurred to really make the subject 'pop'.



Poppies always seem to stand out from the background naturally due to their bright red colour and always being surrounded by pale greens and browns. This was a photograph that I didn't have much knowledge to improve upon at the time. They were very far off in an area that was closed off to the public so I had to use almost full zoom to get them and rest the camera on a rickety fence so that there wouldn't be any visible shake. I am still impressed with how it came out as I hadn't really planned anything about the photograph before taking it.


Now that we are in the middle of Autumn with most trees completely bare, I am really looking forward to (and hoping for) some nice frosty days where I can challenge myself with a completely different 'theme'. I still have some more photos to show and I think I will show my animal pictures I have taken, as a break from flowers and plants :D

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