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My Top 9 Favorite Crypto Projects

By Dazedconfused | Foxhole | 18 Apr 2021

Even as we see a slight pullback in crypto prices, I'm very excited to see the bull market in crypto moving along so nicely this year. With that, I wanted to share an overview of the tokens I'm holding and excited about! I've broken it down into 4 categories based upon long-term holds, big bets, way to earn tokens with some sweat equity, and lastly the tokens on my radar. Check it out below :) 

Long term holds

1. Bitcoin

2. Ethereum

3. Token (CRO) CRO Token

These assets, with the latter being a stretch, offer reliable rewards for long term holds. I'm particularly excited about ETH which I think may not even be at the bottom of the next bear market as of today sitting around $2,200.

To explain my enjoyment of CRO, I use it each month to get free Spotify through their promotional card program that refunds Spotify memberships. Over the last couple of years, I've had $360 worth of Spotify reimbursements while holding CRO which makes this investment a bit different as CRO is a deflationary crypto since they offer strong reward programs like their Spotify one.

Go Big or Go Home, the bets

In this group, I have three exciting projects.

1. DFI - an interesting DeFi platform built on Bitcoin. Read more for yourself here I'm personally very excited about the double-digit yields available here. 


HXRO is a derivative exchange I am interested in. I think the market cap hovering around $150m with other major exchanges ranging in market cap size from $1bn to $85bn shows how much upside potential HXRO can offer holders. 

3. AKASH aims to bring a decentralized web services solution to compete with the almighty Amazon Web Services. Their service is a bit above my head, to be honest and I have to give credit where credit is due, this particular interest of mine comes from Crypto Twitter and the great intel shared by 

Earn Category

1. Hive - Hive is a Reddit-style platform where users get rewarded for posting content to the network. This is a bit of a time-consuming process, similar to the service offering on Publish0x but it's a bit more dynamic than news/written content.

2. Basic Attention Token (BAT) - Lower effort, BAT can be earned with the free Brave Browser

3. Kava relatively easily -  Kava can be generated with different staking options on the platform.


On My Radar

1. Hathor (HTR) - This project has a live main net which continues to be a rarity for projects emerging in the bull market. Hathor has been around since Sept 2020, making it a relatively nice project that I believe has good upside potential.  

2. Ampleforth - brings about an interesting stable coin by changing the supply yo fan asset to keep it tied near $1 in a process called rebasing. This interesting approach brings about a different but similar value proposition of other cryptocurrencies which change the price but have stable supply mechanics. 

3. Open for Recommendations - Mixing it up a bit this time, I want to hear what tokens, coins, and digital assets you're most excited about! 

In closing, please remember to do your own research & never invest money you can't afford to lose! This isn't financial advice, just sharing my own personal thoughts. Comment below with your favorite projects!

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