PhoenixDAO reaches professional agreement with Numio

PhoenixDAO reaches professional agreement with Numio


We are pleased to announce that PhoenixDAO has now entered into a professional agreement with Numio

The agreement covers three main aspects.

First it will see Numio adding the PHNX token to their apps, not just as a payment option but to add utility to the PHNX token. These are:

  • Fee reductions on Pay when using PHNX for both Point Of Sale (PoS) transactions and Peer to Peer (P2P) payments
  • Trading fee reductions on Vault when using PHNX
  • VaultPRO subscription discounts for paying in PHNX
  • PHNX staking




The second aspect covers integration of both Numio Pay and Numio Vault open APIs into the DAO software structure. Numio Pay will be used for blockchain based 2FA sign-ins into the DAO software as well as identity verifications for voting. Numio has granted a license to PhoenixDAO to white label Numio Vault for adding multi-sig technology to secure the DAO funds and DAO rewards

The third part of the agreement will see the Numio team providing comprehensive consulting assistance to the Phoenix team as we build out our extensive ecosystem. The experience of the Numio team in working as a decentralized unit, and developing protocols, dApps and dApp Stores, will be a huge benefit as Phoenix moves towards launching the DAO.

About Numio

Numio are a technology company who create simple but powerful identity linked blockchain payments apps and cryptocurrency asset storage solutions. 

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