DexPro partners with PhoenixDAO

DexPro partners with PhoenixDAO

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Hello Everyone,

We’re thrilled to finally announce our partnership with DexPro. Whilst DexPro have been working in stealth mode of late, it’s clear to see that what they are bringing to market will disrupt the space and that is something we would like to do together!

PhoenixDAO is close to launching the Event Marketplace which is going to be a fantastic tool in strengthening our partnerships, joint events are something we’re really excited about.


Our Partnership

  • Cross-promotion of official partnership on social media channels along with rolling promotions of achievements.
  • Collaborate using the PhoenixDAO Event Marketplace to enhance exposure and community growth for both parties.
  • Actively discuss usage where possible at the product or protocol layer leveraging both parties technology.
  • Continuously look for creative ways to make the relationship mutually beneficial to both parties on an as we-go basis.


DexPro Run Down

DexPro is an informative tools provider for decentralised exchanges. It provides interactive charts, price and liquidity alerts, portfolio tracking and management, Uniswap trading, past transactions, and much more.

The rapid rise in Dex trading in the recent months has opened up a great need for reliable and useful tools for decentralised exchanges, and DexPro aims to become the number 1 provider and the go to place for information about trades taking place on decentralised exchanges.

The easiness and low barrier to entry for listing new tokens on Uniswap is helpful for new projects but with hundreds of new tokens getting listed on Uniswap everyday, it becomes difficult for the traders to stay on top of all that. That’s why DexPro provides clear and detailed information about all the Uniswap pairs and saves a lot of time and makes Uniswap traders’ lives easier by aggregating all the information Dex traders would need and puts it in a single place.

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