Rhoda Penmark

Rhoda Penmark

By Sol Melanie | De todo punto com. | 11 Aug 2020

 Creepy childrens on horror movies wonders me a lot, specially if there girls like the little girl sawyer on texas massacre or... gretathunberg on ...... okno

This breaks with innocent image of the kids. I like when they re portrait like heros or villains.


                Leatherface daughter


On this case, i saw Bad Seed, a 1956 vintage film directed by Mervyn leroy, based on a novel writted of William March, its about a eight year girl, Rhoda Penmark, well mannered, lovely...or not so... cause she's manipulates using her charms tryng to get what wants and worse... shes has sociopathic traits, commiting some murders and hiding it to her mother


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Seems her mother suspects it but doest want to believe that sad reality. Best scenes for me are with the gardener leroy whos confronting Rhoda often, causing her wrath....

The worst on the movie its the end goes from good dramatic scenes to a silly final (not gonna tell how) maybe i think im more from modern movies styles.




 -   Bad Seed has two remakes (1985- 2018) ill need to watch these later -


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Patty McCormack his the actress behind Rhoda, a great job done, this character its of all creepy childs my fav, its like a typical unbearable kid but with a dark secret.




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