Gods Unchained Top Best 5 Players and Their Deck on the Last Weekend Tournament on January 6 2023

By Forbidden Gods | Forbidden Gods | 10 Jan 2023

Hello Everyone welcome to Forbidden God channel

here you will see the top best 5 player deck analysis of the weekend tournament of gods unchained.

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The weekend tournament of gods unchained on January 6 2023 is now over.

Lets now show you the top 5 best players and their best deck they played on last weekend's tournament of gods unchained.


Number 05

GOGSIK ID: 3562353 Lowest Cost

Regen Nature 



Number 04

ANTI | KAG ID: 3766021

Order Light 



Number 03

MEP02000 ID: 2144967

Aggro Light 



Number 02

[HI]GNOVA4 ID:777777

Aggro Deception 



Number 01

DERPO ID: 557654

Control War 


Here my video explaining each cards in each decks



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Forbidden Gods
Forbidden Gods

I will talk all about Top best players of Gods Unchained and their best decks they used

Forbidden Gods
Forbidden Gods

Hello Every one i will always post 2 time per week one time for the Top best 5 player of the last weekend tournament and also for the second post will be for the 5 budget decks i discover in the top 30 best player of the last weekend tournament and also the most played deck.

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