Spells of Genesis - Using Blockchain Gaming to Enhance the value of NFTs

Spells of Genesis - Using Blockchain Gaming to Enhance the value of NFTs

Hi all. I'd like to provide an update on the Mobile Blockchain-based game 'Spells of Genesis' created by the Swiss-based company EverdreamSoft.

I have already wrote a brief overview of the game which can be found here, therefore I'm not going to get in to any deep game mechanics, I simply want to provide a Spells update and add some commentary on the value of NFTs.  

A new awesome looking blockchain card was reportedly released for sale over a period of one week, from the 6th to the 13th of October this year on Ethereum. Only 400 pieces were minted with a burn mechanic enactment in motion ensuring eventually only 220 will ever exists. There should be some real value in ownership there, with the NFT, whilst stunning in its own right, having real practical use in such a popular and playable game as Spells of Genesis. See the Dai Ropewalker below - 

The Dai Ropewalker

As you can see from the new card, the art quality in the game is exceptional, great style and detail has been applied to each and every card in Spells of Genesis. The concept of the art has also been well thought through with the link to a balancing tight-rope walker and the balancing of Dai to keep the coin stable. The partnership with MakerDao was further celebrated with Dai rewards being disbursed to the top 100 players throughout the months of July and August. This was a nice bonus for players but I believe the real value in playing Spells of Genesis lies in its NFTs.

Gaming surely greatly enhances the monetary value of NFTs. Standalone NFTs can be scarce or even completely unique, however If the asset is not included in a specific game on the blockchain then theoretically the piece could be copied to almost the finest detail without loss of any real utility. If the NFT is used in a popular game however then other ‘copies’ of the piece would not be authorised for use, thus ensuring the value of the original authentic artworks is maintained and also increased through scarcity and utility. Being both a gamer and someone with an interest in Art and Design I would like to get each unique NFT I create into a game and I would encourage other creators to do the same also for this reason. 

I am hopeful of seeing some real value in the rare pieces from Spells of Genesis and I continue to grow and level up my army of combatants which I will eventually trade in the market. Here is my most up-to-date squad - 

My 'Spells of Genesis' Squad

My squad above holds it's own against many other players decks in the daily 'Raids' through its size and versatility resulting from consistent daily play. I am currently only playing for free however and I can often be easily blown out the water by users with maxed out rarer cards that they have purchased on the market. 

I have liquidated many cards through crystallisation however I have not yet stepped in to Spells of Genesis market or been able to blockchainize any of my cards.

The system to blockchainize cards is in the process of being updated but once complete it will give players the option of what blockchain they want to put their card on. I plan to take advantage of this soon. Cards can be purchased using an address linked to the game with either Ethereum, Bitcoin or EverDreamSoft's own gaming currency BitCrystals. Unfortunately the markets presently seem quite scattered and confusing, and I believe it's undergoing a UX/UI overhaul. I am waiting for a more user friendly way to buy and exchange from the 'Askian Merchant' that will also bring the games character lore to the forefront and make this information more easily accessible. 

I have been playing everyday and I continue to do so to the present day. I, at the very least complete my daily mission, if not stay on longer to enjoy more battles. This consistency has made me a regular in the games' monthly top 200 players. The in game arcade 'pinball' mechanic is an enjoyable aspect that encourages re-playability. This aspect of play was a selling point for me taking up the game (alongside the artwork) as I enjoy the combination of card collectibles, strategy but also an arcade aspect to add game playability and it does help separate Spells of Genesis from the pack of other deck builder strategy games. Despite the ongoing development issues we have to give a small development team time and some leeway, I highly recommend the game to any gaming and/or NFT fan.


Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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The future of money lies in crypto. The future of Gaming and Art lies on the Blockchain.

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For the Love of Crypto and Blockchain.

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