Hidden Meaning Behind the Saying “I Like You”

By Vytas | For Fun | 13 Nov 2020

We speak and express ourselves every day. However, most of the times we don’t stop to think about it.

The truth is that everything we say is a product of our intentions.

It’s healthy to know why we say certain things. It helps to bring up more meaning in your words. Also, it clarifies the communication getting it closer to the heart.

Recently, I thought about the meaning of the expression I like you.

The majority's intention of this saying is quite clear. It means I feel positive toward you, or I enjoy your presence.

What most of us don’t recognize is that we use the word like has a second meaning.

It’s a word of comparison.

What do we compare?

We compare ourselves with the object or person we like.

What I mean by this is am like you.

When you try a new pair of shoes before buying you either say I don’t like it or I like it. In other words, it’s like saying to the shoes you fit me.

When something is like us we can relate. Also, it fits us.

You don’t like things that don’t fit your character, skills, standards. Things just don’t fit in your heart.

Now, when you hear someone say to you that they like you, you can be sure that they can relate to you in some way. That’s the reason why you start to feel as if you’re no longer as alone because someone found a resonating characteristic in you.

I believe I like you a good expression but it’s necessary to know that you is not as important as I. I is the center of this expression and you are only someone can relate to.

Therefore, it’s not a compliment. A compliment is when you takes the center. For example, you are amazing.


The language is fascinating. It always delivers more than it seems. You can hear and know the intention, it can create a feeling in your heart, or even take a relationship to a new level.

The expression I like you communicates one-sided a relation. It points at someone or something and declares it being suitable.

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