An Englishman Reads My Stories Out Loud for Free

By Vytas | For Fun | 30 Dec 2020

Reading a story out loud is one of the best ways to catch errors or inconsistencies before you publish your piece. But it’s so boring. I almost never do it.

Have you ever wanted to hear it read out loud by someone else? Do you want it to be read in a British English accent?

Funny enough I looked for something like that and found it! It’s free and the quality is as high as a robot can reach. You simply need to copy-paste your draft, choose the voice and the speed, lean back in your chair and pretend you’re listening to an audiobook.

English (UK) Peter with 0 speed is the best choice if you ask me.

Where’s the catch?

You can only listen to 20 minutes a day for free. Also, you can’t download it as mp3 without getting a paid plan. But hey! I don’t really need it. Who writes a 20 minute read?

If you struggle to read your stories out loud, use this tool. It made my editing process much more enjoyable. Now I can publish stories with fewer mistakes, better structure and an idea of how it would sound if someone else read them.

Check it out here.

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