A guide to The Potatoz NFTs and a snapshot of data trends.

The Potatoz NFT Collection: An Essential Guide

JAN 2024, [email protected]

Data Source: The Potatoz NFT Collection Dashboard

The Potatoz NFT Collection offers 9,999 unique, meme-inspired PFPs that serve as both a whimsical gateway into Memeland’s ecosystem and a symbol of co-ownership in its vibrant, rapidly growing community. Will this NFT project rise in 2024?

About The Potatoz

The Potatoz NFT Collection is a vibrant ensemble of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs, marking the first inhabitants of the whimsical Memeland — a digital universe once desolate but now thriving with these quirky characters. Each Potatoz doubles as a key to the Memeland ecosystem, hinting at a deeper connection to the wider memetic lore, including the Memelist, the $MEME token, and more.

Owning a Potatoz NFT is more than just holding a piece of digital art; it’s akin to a foundational stake in the heart of Memeland, where every holder is treated as a co-creator of this meme-centric community. The Potatoz collection not only promises a place in an energetic and growing community but also embodies the spirit of fun that is central to the ever-evolving narrative of Memeland.

Source: The Potatoz NFT Collection Who is behind The Potatoz

Memeland marks 9GAG’s ambitious foray into the Web3 space, building on the entertainment giant’s viral legacy since 2008. With a vast following of 200 million, 9GAG, under Ray Chan’s leadership, launched Memeland in April 2022, aiming to extend its digital influence into the blockchain era. The venture studio’s commitment to ‘underpromising and overdelivering’ has quickly established it as an innovative force in the Web3 community.


Guided by Chan and his team, Memeland is pioneering a creator-centric economy within Web3, focusing on giving creators more control over their work. With a strategy rooted in careful market observation and incremental innovation, Memeland has gained the backing of notable advisors and investors, and has already introduced three NFT collections including The Potatoz, signaling its growing presence and future potential in the Web3 landscape.

The Potatoz NFT Collection Data

In the dynamic world of Web3, understanding non-fungible tokens NFTs can be like exploring a large, unknown sea. Data analytics is the tool that helps everyone involved — collectors, investors, and creators — find their way. It does this by looking closely at transaction records, ownership details, price movements, and how people interact with NFTs. This information helps people make smart choices, avoid risks, and spot new chances in the NFT market.

Having this kind of guide is crucial for staying on track in the ever-changing NFT landscape. It helps with making choices that keep up with the market, making sure no one is lost in the vast amount of NFT data.

  • NFT Market Trend

The NFT market is a dynamic ecosystem, and data metrics serve as a barometer for its changing conditions. Key indicators such as market capitalization, trading volumes, floor prices, and active engagement across marketplaces provide a vivid picture of the sector’s health and growth potential.

Investors who tap into these market trends can anticipate the direction of the tides, manage investment risk and uncover hidden treasures of opportunity. The importance of this data is huge — it’s the foundation of smart investment plans and a defense against the ups and downs of the NFT market.

Source: The Potatoz NFTs — Market Cap, Volume and Floor Price

Data from Footprint Analytics indicates that there has been an obvious variation in the market cap and the floor price of The Potatoz in the past six months.

  • User Behavior

In the realm of NFTs, user behavior data such as total sales, total buyers and sellers, unique holders, and daily transactions provide a granular view of individual and collective actions. Metrics such as daily sales, volume, and the fluctuating numbers of holders, sellers, and buyers offer real-time insight into the pulse of the market.

Analyzing this user behavior data equips stakeholders with a deeper understanding of market sentiment and participant activity. Trends such as peak buying times, shifts in holder sentiment, and the emergence of buying or selling pressures can be identified. By leveraging this intelligence, investors and creators can refine their strategies, align them with the market demands and position themselves for success in the ever-changing NFT world.

Source: The Potatoz NFTs — Daily Holders, Sellers and Buyers

As of January 17, 2024, according to Footprint Analytics, the number of unique owners for The Potatoz NFT collection has stabilized at approximately 2,700, a modest decrease from the 2,900 recorded half a year prior, with the current ratio of supply to holders being 3.71.


Footprint Analytics is a blockchain data solutions provider. It leverages cutting-edge AI technology to help analysts, builders, and investors turn blockchain data and combine Web2 data into insights with accessible visualization tools and a powerful multi-chain API across 30+ chains for NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.

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