Pebble and Footprint Analytics Redefine Blockchain Gaming with Rapid Integration and Strategic Data Solutions

Pebble and Footprint Analytics Redefine Blockchain Gaming with Rapid Integration and Strategic Data Solutions


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Pebble is revolutionizing the gaming landscape by merging traditional gaming fun with the benefits of blockchain technology. As a Web3 gaming platform, Pebble focuses on delivering high-quality, enjoyable games complemented by robust and user-friendly Web3 services. Backed by NHN Corporation, Korea’s leading online game developer and publisher with over 20 years of success in creating vibrant gaming communities and economies, Pebble is poised to set new standards in blockchain gaming.

Choosing to build on the Sui Network, Pebble leverages NHN’s extensive expertise in the gaming sector to offer a seamless introduction to Web3 for gamers worldwide. This collaboration is geared towards creating a platform that not only revisits classic gaming allure but also integrates social dynamics within a blockchain environment, paving the way for broader adoption of blockchain technology in gaming.

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The Challenges: Bridging Traditional Gaming Expertise with Web3 Innovations

Transitioning NHN’s traditional gaming expertise to a Web3 framework posed multiple significant challenges.

Firstly, the shift required the construction of a robust Web3 data pipeline. This infrastructure had to be seamlessly integrated with NHN’s existing conventional gaming data systems, a process that was both complex and time-consuming. Further complicating the transition was NHN’s existing reliance on an internal database and business intelligence (BI) tools. These systems, while effective within Web2 environments, were not initially designed to handle the nuances of blockchain data, thereby requiring substantial adaptation.

Another major challenge arose from the adoption of the Sui Network, a non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain. Sui’s architecture presented unique technical challenges, primarily due to its nascent data infrastructure which only provided basic raw data. This lack of refined, abstract data that is meaningful for project operations meant that additional resources were necessary to develop these capabilities.

Additionally, despite Pebble’s strong background in traditional game development and design, their understanding and capability to manage Web3 data were limited. This gap highlighted the necessity for a data provider with expertise in translating complex blockchain data into actionable insights for game development and enhancement.

Pebble Chooses Footprint Analytics for Advanced Blockchain Game Integration and Comprehensive Expertise

In navigating these challenges, Pebble sought a partner who could not only understand their vision but also had the technical expertise to make it a reality. Footprint Analytics stood out as the premier choice. As the first data solution provider to comprehensively index the Sui Network — from wallet activities to detailed protocol analytics — Footprint Analytics brought invaluable experience to the table. Their expertise in working with over 30 different blockchains, including various non-EVM chains, made them invaluable to Pebble.

Moreover, Footprint Analytics has been at the forefront of blockchain gaming data solutions, supporting industry leaders like Animoca Brands and Square Enix. They offer robust data integration for Web3 games through advanced data APIs and batch downloads. Their unified analytics platform, which merges Web2 data indexing with Web3 data abstraction and includes a BI platform suitable for multiple roles, further solidified their status as the ideal partner for Pebble.

Footprint Analytics’ Solution

Footprint Analytics has meticulously crafted a set of solutions tailored specifically to Pebble’s requirements, taking into account the unique characteristics of Pebble’s games, the specific data features of Sui Network, key metrics critical to the project, and the distinctive attributes of Pebble’s technical team. This tailored approach covered everything from technical specifications to align with business needs and data requirements. It ensured a comprehensive solution that integrated seamlessly with Pebble’s operations.


  • Advanced Data Abstraction: Understanding the intricacies of the Sui Network and Pebble’s specific needs, Footprint Analytics has provided sophisticated tools for tracking money flows, asset movements, and user profiles. These tools are crucial for tailoring player experiences and enhancing engagement by leveraging key data points significant to Pebble’s operations.
  • Customized Data Content Development: Footprint Analytics tailored its solutions to precisely fit the Sui ecosystem and Pebble’s analytics demands, with specific enhancements such as custom development for the “nft_latest_balance” data. This addressed the specific needs for tracking NFT asset balances and holder behaviors efficiently. Additionally, their solution integrated seamlessly with NHN’s data pipelines through an automated delta mechanism, which supports both incremental and full data downloads. This integration ensures dynamic and efficient data synchronization, which is critical for maintaining real-time accuracy and system performance in the fast-paced gaming industry.
  • Integrated Data Management: Footprint Analytics developed an efficient data management system for Pebble, a seamless integration of automated batch downloads and selective real-time API feeds. This system primarily utilizes automated batch downloads to synchronize large volumes of processed data from Sui Network into NHN’s private databases. This setup empowers NHN’s internal researchers to conduct in-depth analysis based on this comprehensive data set. In addition, Footprint Analytics has further enhanced the system with selective API feeds, specifically for data requiring real-time updates, such as token prices. This dual approach not only optimized data accessibility and accuracy but also significantly reduced the data management staff’s workload. Maintenance of this streamlined system requires minimal personnel, equivalent to just half the effort of a full-time employee.

Each component of Footprint Analytics’ solution suite was designed to interlock perfectly with Pebble’s operational framework, ensuring that every aspect of data handling was optimized for both immediate needs and long-term scalability.

Measurable Results and Impact

The partnership between Pebble and Footprint Analytics demonstrated significant achievements in a remarkably short timeline, setting Pebble ahead in the fast-paced Web3 market. Within just two months, Footprint Analytics efficiently completed all necessary development and testing phases. This rapid deployment allowed Pebble to capitalize on market opportunities, a critical advantage given the frequent delays faced by many competitors.


  • Rapid Development and Deployment: Within just two months, Footprint Analytics completed all development and testing phases. This accelerated timeline enabled Pebble to launch ahead of many competitors.
  • Significant Cost Savings: Pebble achieved an 80% cost reduction by partnering with Footprint Analytics instead of developing an in-house data solution. This cost efficiency provided Pebble with substantial economic benefits, allowing for a more strategic allocation of resources.
  • Ongoing Support and Optimization: The robust service level agreement (SLA) with Footprint Analytics ensures continuous support and system optimization post-launch. This commitment not only enhances platform stability but also improves the user experience, contributing to lasting operational success and customer satisfaction.

“In the process of preparing the Pebble project to expand into Web3, we are receiving a lot of help from Footprint’s outstanding data processing and analysis know-how in the Web3 area. We are looking forward for a smooth project launch with their active real-time support.”
– Heetae Lyu, CTO, NHN Corporation


The partnership between Pebble and Footprint Analytics has set a new standard in the integration of Web3 technologies within the gaming industry. By overcoming significant technical challenges and deploying a suite of customized solutions, this collaboration has not only enhanced the gaming experience for users but also positioned Pebble at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution.




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