Blockchain Game Explainer: What is ZPET

Blockchain Game Explainer: What is ZPET



Data Source: ZPET Dashboard

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What is ZPET

Zino Pet is a blockchain-based game that focuses on raising an adorable creature called Zino, providing players with continuous ETH and Zpet income. It leverages zkSync Era to reduce interaction costs and increase transaction speed compared to the ETH mainnet, while maintaining security as its foundation.


In the gameplay of this game, players can mint unique pets with 90% of the minting tokens burned and 10% allocated as referral rewards, name their pets, engage in feeding to ensure pet well-being, upgrade pets for enhanced abilities, participate in farming for resource cultivation, battle other players for rewards, and convert in-game points earned by pets into ETH for real-world benefits.


Zinopet has a total token supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens distributed as follows: 50% via Airdrop, 40% via Pet Farming and 10% allocated for initial LP addition. Notably, the project team will not retain any token shares, ensuring decentralization.

The Airdrop is only available to users who have used the official zkSync cross-chain bridge with an amount greater than 0.1 ETH. The distribution is on a first-come, first-served basis, with the number of tokens available to each user decreasing in each interval based on the total token supply.

In addition, users can invite friends who qualify for the $ZPET airdrop, and the inviter can receive an additional 10% of the amount claimed by the invitee as a reward, which will be automatically transferred to their wallet address upon successful invitation.

Regarding transaction taxes on $ZPET tokens, there is a 5% tax on every purchase or sale made on zkSwap. Once the smart contracts accumulate 1000k $ZPET tokens from these taxes, they will be automatically converted to ETH and distributed as follows 2% goes to the players as rewards, 2% goes to the developers, and 1% is added back as liquidity to support the FP economy.

It’s important to note that the rewards work directly with a V2 contract, and the project reserves the right to block any V3 pools if they are found to be detrimental to players. This tax mechanism ensures sustainability and participation incentives within the Zinopet ecosystem.

Data of ZPET

Blockchain game data analysis is critical for investors, developers and players.

It helps investors evaluate a game’s performance and potential returns when operating blockchain game research. Developers can use it to improve game features and user experience based on player behavior. For players, it ensures transparency and fairness in game mechanics and the value of their assets, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As a result, it promotes informed decision-making and trust among all stakeholders.

User Metrics

User metrics are key indicators of a game’s performance and health. They include data such as daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU), retention, and churn.

0*ARHcBH1-2fSPLD1W.png ZPET Daily Active Users


After peaking in Daily Active Users (DAUs) on December 28th, ZPET has seen a noticeable decline in user engagement, then maintaining a consistent presence in the thousands. To address this, it’s imperative to strategize and explore ways to expand user acquisition.

Engagement Data

Engagement data refers to the depth of a player’s interaction with a game. It includes metrics such as transactions, trading volume, frequency of play, and in-game actions.

0*iBgdO7BMwa-eXIz6.png ZPET Daily Volume by Chain


This data is critical for developers to understand player behavior and preferences so they can optimize the game for better engagement.

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