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Data Source: NFT Panda Dashboard

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What is NFT Panda

NFT Panda: World of Fantasy is a fantasy world inhabited by heroic pandas who strive to reclaim their land and restore prosperity. The project is led by a team of experienced crypto enthusiasts and blockchain experts, supported by the prominent CryptoGamingPool community.


In particular, the game features a unique player-centric tokenomics model that emphasizes a true play-to-earn mechanism, with 85% of tokens dedicated to player rewards, far exceeding the industry standard of around 50%. Unlike other games, NFT Panda: WoF does not use an IDO and instead relies on NFT sales, with a modest 5% allocation to the team, as opposed to the typical industry team allocation of 20%.

How to Play NFT Panda?

In NFT Panda: World of Fantasy, players start with one free Hero slot, which allows them to send one panda on an adventure. However, they have the option to upgrade their slots to a maximum of 20, allowing them to send up to 20 pandas on different adventures, with one panda per adventure.

To upgrade a panda, players must meet certain requirements. This includes sending a panda on adventures a certain number of times to reach the desired rank, and adding the required number of tokens to a bet.

Data of NFT Panda

Blockchain game data analysis is critical for investors, developers and players.

It helps investors evaluate a game’s performance and potential returns when operating blockchain game research. Developers can use it to improve game features and user experience based on player behavior. For players, it ensures transparency and fairness in game mechanics and the value of their assets, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As a result, it promotes informed decision-making and trust among all stakeholders.

User Metrics

User metrics are key indicators of a game’s performance and health. They include data such as daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU), retention, and churn.


NFT Panda Daily Active Users

Over the past month, our data analysis has shown that NFT Panda’s daily active users (DAU) have consistently hovered around the 4,000 mark, with a slight dip recently.

Engagement Data

Engagement data refers to the depth of a player’s interaction with a game. It includes metrics such as transactions, trading volume, frequency of play, and in-game actions.


NFT Panda Daily Transactions

The transaction number is also slightly declining within the month. While this slight decrease may raise concerns at first glance, it’s essential to approach this data with a deeper understanding of the broader NFT market dynamics and user behavior. This data is critical for developers to understand player behavior and preferences so they can optimize the game for better engagement.

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