Sunrise after lockdown

By PantheraNegra | The Natural World | 26 Jun 2020

Walking at sunrise

It's winter here and after several months of lockdown, working from home, and government restrictions, we are finally allowed out to walk in some beautiful national and private parks. Entry numbers are limited so you have to get there early, which is great, as it means you can get to experience the fresh cold air and the natural environment waking up as the sun rises over the horizon. The first time we did this after such a long time of not being allowed to, the experience felt quite special and we took time to appreciate just how wonderful our natural world is, and how it can easily be taken for granted.

Cold start

A cold start to the walk

It's cold here at the moment which means we sometimes have some crisp morning frost on the vegetation. I love photographing this and then photographing the changes as the sun rises and warms the air and ground.

cold and frosty

Frost clinging to the grass

frosty leaves

Frost on green leaves

The winter scenes and colours make for some really nice photo opportunities. Here are a few I took on a recent early morning walk. It felt so good to get outside and spend a few hours in this lovely natural place.

morning stream

Cold, misty stream

misty river

A winter scene

gorgeous sunrise

A gorgeous sunrise scene behind a mountain

winter colours

Winter colours

winter colour scene

Early morning contrast of light blue sky against an auburn winter grassland

ice on grass

Some ice crystals on grass


The ice melts as the early morning temperature rises forming water droplets dangling from the tree branches

view from above

Our rewarding view from above

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the photos.

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