What Should We Expect From Mohamed Salah Next Season?

Okay, this is another exciting one… we’ve basically talked about players from other top leagues, I think it is time to bring out attention back to the premier league. If you have been following most of my contents, you already know that I am a huge fan of the premier league, so it is normal for me to want to always talk about things concerning the premier league. Yesterday, we looked at what should we expect from Sancho, the Dortmund star… Today, will be leaving the Bundesliga to focus on a premier league player. Our attention today is on Mohammed Salah, a player who quickly cemented his name as one of the very best players in the world the very first season he returned to the premier league as a Liverpool player.

He made a name for himself a few seasons ago where he scored a ton of goals for Liverpool, helping them reach the champions league final, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to defeat Zidane’s red hot Real Madrid as at that time. Even though he hasn’t really replicated the number of goals that helped him attract a lot of attention, he has done enough to still retain his spot as one of the best players not only in the premier league but also in Europe at the moment.

Last season was a special season for him and Liverpool – finishing 2nd in the league and winning the champions league. This season is even better for them as a club as they are about to win their first-ever premier league title in their history. At the moment, the title is in their hands to lose. For Salah personally, this season has been really good and so far, his few years in a Liverpool shirt have been super successful – reaching the champions league final, winning it the next season, and about to win the premier league this season. Next season will be another fresh start for everyone and right now, there are lots of talking points concerning Salah and what we should expect from him next season…

For me, I think there is still a lot more to come from Salah next season… He needs no introduction when it comes to what he can do on the pitch, so for me, if he continues to improve and do what he does best, and if Liverpool continue to dominate, there is no doubt that next season will most likely be a great season for Salah.

What are you expecting from Salah next season?

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