What Should We Expect From Mane Next Season?

It is no surprise that when you talk about any Liverpool player, most especially any player in the front 3, you have to talk about all the front 3 players because Liverpool front 3 are like a system that functions as a unit… every element in the unit performs a particular function hence why they’ve been highly effective for the past few seasons now. Yesterday we looked at Salah, a player who has been one of Liverpool’s best players ever since he joined the club 3 seasons ago, the first season saw him break records. As expected, we will be looking at yet another Liverpool player who is probably their best player this season… our focus will be on Mane.

Mane has always been one of Liverpool’s best players since he joined the club few seasons ago. His high energy levels, creativity and ability on the ball has made him one of premier league’s best players not only at Liverpool. This season, he has been instrumental for Liverpool, helping them win crucial points especially when things aren’t going their way, and has singlehandedly won games for Liverpool – ensuring that Liverpool remain so far ahead of the rest. Right now, Liverpool are on the brink of winning their first ever premier league title and if not for this whole coronavirus pandemic, they should have won it by now… All thanks to Mane and his immense contributions.

Looking at how amazing Mane has been for Liverpool for the past few seasons, most especially this season, a lot of talking points have surfaced concerning him and what we should expect from him next season… For me, I think Mane is one of those players you don’t expect to drop to a bad level. His is a top class player and a player who has passion and drive to achieve more. With this, I think we will see an even better Mane next season. He would want to aim to clinch the African best player, so that will be another good motivation for him to keep pushing to become the best he can be. He is still very much in his prime which means that he still has a lot to offer at the highest level. I expect him to be better next season and to push to become Liverpool’s best player of the season next season.

What are you expecting from Mane next season?

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