Some Major Premier League Rules Changes for Next Season and Some of the Possible Effects in Matches

Some Major Premier League Rules Changes for Next Season and Some of the Possible Effects in Matches

It is no longer news concerning the upcoming changes to the premier league rules for the 2019/2020 season. The rules for next season comes with some really exciting changes that have led to some very interesting talking points concerning its possible effects on the game.

According to some sections of the fans, they are really excited for some of the changes, while there are some sections of the fans that are really concerned for some of the rules changes.


Obviously, this is one of the biggest changes for next season in the premier league. The VAR isn’t an alien thing for the players and everyone involved in the game, as it had already been used in some tournaments and club competitions, even some leagues are already making use of VAR technology in games. While this is the most exciting news according to the fans, there are also people who don’t really believe in VAR and still prefer the way it has been done.


According to the reports, players now have the possibility to exit the pitch during subs, using any point nearest to them. This is said to prevent time wasting during games.

Free-kick walls

According to the reports, attackers are not allowed within a yard of the wall, when it involves a defensive wall of 3 or more defenders.

Drop balls

The drop ball method to pick a side and restarting play has now been taken off and no more drop balls. According to reports, the new rule states that anyone who touches the ball last - will get the ball.

Goalkeepers’ penalty behavior

Goalkeepers are not exempted from the new rules changes. According to the reports, goalkeepers will not be allowed to touch the goal frame, move along their line, sprint off their line and stand behind the line during a penalty kick.

Goal kicks

Not only for penalties are the changes for the goalkeepers, according to these reports, but a goal kick has also become in play the moment the ball is kicked, whether it leaves the area or not.


According to reports concerning the new rules, any goal scored directly from the hand will not be allowed anymore and will be punished. This new rules also include accidental handballs.


This seems to be the surprising am among the other major rules changes. Players can now receive a card for their celebrations. Even in a disallowed goal situation.

Possible effects of the new rules on matches

For me, I think some of the rules are really exciting, most especially the VAR and some of the in-game rules. The VAR introduction to the premier league will undoubtedly be the biggest changes for next season and will have a lot of positive effect on the game. Nevertheless, the VAR is still not a perfect solution to situations on the pitch as we have seen in the past, but it will go a long way to reducing common errors made by officials.

Most of the in-game rules are exciting, especially to see how they are been implemented and how they pan out during games, especially the substitution rules and the handball rules. While I think the substitution rule is cool, as it will greatly reduce time wasting during substations, but it will greatly take away from the fun and tactical options of the game where managers utilize substitutions as a tactical weapon to kill time in favor for success during the game.

The handball rule is also a very good change, as it will reduce fraudulent acts by players who purposely do these things try to score a handball goal. I also think this is where VAR will come in to play.

The surprising one is the celebrations rule. This for me is surprising as I think it will take away from the fun of the game especially when a goal is scored and the players are restricted from the type of celebrations they make. This could also be a good thing as will probably reduce the amount of mockery celebrations made by players.

Notwithstanding, we are all excited to see how the new rules pan out during games and we hope it will add to the awesomeness of the game with a lot of pros.


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