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Operation Elon Musk

By Flux_Army | Flux Army Foundation | 3 Apr 2022

 Dear sir or ma'am I am writing this in the hopes that Elon Musk would consider the Flux Army Foundation as possibly an organization he would either donate to or fund us with some tech projects we would like to accomplish in some of the areas of the world that do not have reliable internet or infrastructure. 

About the Foundation, I formed the foundation after chatting with members on discord and finding that many of the members children had never eaten an Apple and we are talking children 9 10 or older, i could not believe it I asked some of the members to please go out and buy as many apples as possible and to my surprise it still took days to find 40 apples to give to children the members quickly organized and cooked food gave out candies and cookies as well as apples, i was amazed at the turn out!!!!

Operation Apple

The team divided the apples into slices because they also realized they would not have enough for each child to have a whole apple!!!

this even quickly escalated to other events with other teams and more, with a few donations coming in from the tweets and others I decided it would be best to form a non-profit, at the writing of this we are waiting on the US IRS to approve the last bit and we will be complete and will then start to seek grants as well.

why i am seeking Elon Musk himself, I have listened to him over time and he seems to be a cool guy that looks at people not as a piece of paper but looks for those that are thinking outside the box and are trying to achieve bigger things in life, I believe that is us the Flux Army Foundation we are using crypto as a vehicle to fund some of these areas that are unbanked and teaming members of our discord together to accomplish great things in the community all the while overcoming the language barrier and cultural barrier, we are trying to help those that are being affected by pour choices the governments of the world are making and trying to unite the world in a way that in this day in age should not be an issue, and through knowledge we believe we can help create more opportunities for these people as well as instill in the culture the Entrepreneural spirit to create even more opportunities in the future, the one biggest hurdle we seem to be seeing at this point is internet connection for these people, and if we can get even the smallest foot print of maybe a mesh network with starlink as its gateway possible we could help people to realize that some of the things they believe to be normal are not and can and should be corrected such as clean water, proper nutrition, remind people that food comes from the ground and farming should be done even in the form of community gardens, also small chicken farms and more, I know I am probably rambling on and on, but i know that we can accomplish huge things in the world with the proper assistance!!!!!


Thank you for your time and consideration

Bernard Suyat

President of Flux Army Foundation

[email protected]



any assistance is welcomed and greatly appreciated!!!


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Flux Army Foundation
Flux Army Foundation

We are a group of individuals from around the world coming together to make the world a better place and Flux is making it possible, we are a non profit 501 3c, these post will highlight some of the work our teams are doing and making us proud, if all of this is not proof of useful work POUW then show me a better use for my GPU's!

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