photo of me taken by Jeffrey Adams Blake

Exploring "The Road Less Traveled"

By space6irl | Flowetry | 20 Jan 2022

Exploring "The Road Less Traveled"

-The path that calls me.

I answer in footsteps.

A stream from the main river -

Maybe it will dry up the farther away from the mainstream.

Maybe, it comes back to merge with a river.

Maybe it creates it's own ocean.

Regardless, I traverse it's journey-
Refusing to live a life where I regret missed opportunities & experiences.

Some may judge the stream/route I take.
Or they might have misconceptions & not innerstand why I do what I do.

That's fine.

The beautiful, new jungle and all of it's exotic music drowns out the sounds of their judgements or condemnations.

This path is illuminated
My heart is the lantern.


exploring the road less traveled

Photo of me taken by Jeffrey Adams Blake




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