Winners of International Photography Awards

Winners of International Photography Awards

By Chadayan | Flowers | 31 Oct 2020

I am not sure I can publish others' work here. But I feel It is nice to share some great photographs.

These are my favorite from this year's winners

Vova's summer evening, by Elena Litvinova


The magnificence of Desert, by Babak Mehrafshar


Bodies of the NFL, by Howard Schatz

I do like a few of the non-winners (So definitely it is about individuals or the jury).

One of the non-winner I like is The Art of Disappearing, by Harry Fisch - Hong Hu Yu

I would like to know which ones are your favorite.

You can find the full list of non-professional category here and professional category here


:) I write but who reads?


I need to find out my flowers. If you can help me to find out the - common name in English - the scientific name - if you can give the name is other languages i will be greatful.

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