Blockchain Revolution I spent years in the health and wellness space, doing research, applying what I learned, working in the field and have since moved on. That was the past, I am focused on the future... the blockchain! Now all I want to do is work in the blockchain space.

We’re not Forking Around

19 Dec 2021 10 minute read 0 comments flexbronson

The shifting World of Defi   The world of Defi has experienced a shift lately. Away from the world of traditional Defi, seen made popular on platforms such as AAVE, Maker and Curve Finance. Where crypto holders could stake their tokens to higher AP...

Metamask Token confirmed - with possible incoming airdrop

19 Dec 2021 1 minute read 1 comment flexbronson

Joseph Lubin, founder of Ethereum incubator ConsenSys, which created Metamask has confirmed via UpOnly we can expect the MetaMask Airdrop this upcoming January. Link to UpOnly interview with Joseph Lupin If you are watching the interview on YouTube,...