I'm bullish on Terra-LUNA

By flexbronson | FlexBronson | 14 Jan 2022

I'm bullish on Terra-LUNA

When will take off? They have a lot of good strategies to make a great Return on investment.

I also like what Stader has going on. I threw a bag to see how the LUNA-LunaX LP does, with airdrops.



I have doubled my investment in the LOOP-LOOPR LP on their great dex - LOOP Markets.



They are building a semi-defi bank:


I really can't wait for Alice. Alice is powered by an automated and decentralized interest-rate protocol, cutting out all middlemen to offer you a direct access to DeFi. Just connect your bank account to get started and earn more. 20% yield on your dollar. I hope that you can easily move between Alice, Kash and the Terra Ecosystem.


The great thing is, Terra is hooked up to the IBC, so you can connect to other blockchains. With the KEPLR Wallet, you can move funds from Terra to Cosmos for example. Swap LUNA or provide as liquidity on Osmosis, with little to no fees and get involved in the Cosmos Hub.

One great thing about the KEPLR Wallet, you can stake with Validators within the wallet.



Take a look at their ecosystem:


I will provide more content about Terra-LUNA in the future if you would like. This is just a simple primer.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole, Danku R is a great resource. Here is an excellent borrow-yield-degen strategy he posted on Medium:





Danku R on YouTube:



A nice bonus, Terra Spaces (a live Twitter Spaces that focuses on the Terra ecosystem) uploads their Twitter Spaces as podcasts. I listen to them on Spotify.






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