I am Looking for Terra-LUNA Yield Strategies

By flexbronson | FlexBronson | 12 Jan 2022

  • I am looking to deploy an I am suffering from paralysis by analysis. I know UST in anchor is good for a safer 20ish% yield. I have a bag in Loop Markets in the LOOP-LOOPR LP that has gone up by 50%.

  • Now looking for my next play in a few days. Then will continue to invest more over time. Not looking to leverage just yet either. I want more capital first, So for now, I am looking for good yield plays. Here is what I like, but am not sure about, looking for feedback:


  • Over time, I will likely deploy towards anything that gets me more LUNA. So, single staking Luna and bLuna-Luna LPS will gain more Luna. I think Luna will be up their with Solana price wise by year's end.


  • Kujira-Orca looks like a good strategy to buy liquidated Luna at a discount.

  • Staking Kujira looks like a good bet too, since it is increasing in value.

  • Stader looks interesting. Between their Liquid staking and the pools, especially the airdrop pool. But they are still proposing strategies as far as utilities with Luna-X.

  • Apollo DAO has some nice yields in their vaults. I really dig that you only have to deposit UST.

  • Astroport is getting hype, but I am reading about issues with the lockdrop pools in some of the Terra discords.


  • I will get in on PRISM after it launches.

  • According to Danku R, He has a YouTube and Twitter that covers Terra deeply, the yields in the Terraswap pools are likely due to increase, since people will be investing in LPs in other protocols.

  • I'd also like to single stake for the rewards and to support protocols.


  • I am open to suggestions and opinions.


Danku R's YouTube Channel:



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