French Crypto Projects Part. 1

French Crypto Projects Part. 1

By FrenchLegalAspect | FLA | 23 Jun 2020

Hey folks,


New post today trying to etablish an overview of the french crypto-projects. All of them doesn’t have a native crypto-asset but all use blockchain or are related to.

I will show 12 projects that seem interesting to me and looks like strong projects. Presentation of these 12 projects will be divided in two posts.

I am just introducing theses projects and won’t go in further information because I will post thorough posts about each projects in near future, like I have done it with « Compound Governance Token (COMP) - Synthesis of Useful Information ».

Here the first 6 projects I wanted to share.

Hope you will discover new projects and found it interesting.


1. TALAO - The first Decentralized Protocol for the Future of Work.


Abstract :

« TALAO aim to « "to offer a service without intermediaries and without commission, where companies and talents enter into a direct business relationship, allow talents to regain their professional reputation, certify their skills on the blockchain and store the certificates in a digital safe accessible thanks to the Talao token, and give talents the keys to the governance of the platform, in a transparent and fair way, thanks to a voting system based on reputation," explains the company. »

With this ambition of transparency and the elimination of commissions, Talao wants to distance itself from certain excesses of the platforms on the income of self-employed workers. »


Get the most of Professional Digital Identity of talent

Professional Digital Identity gathers all information that showcases talent real value and employability: experiences, skills, diploma, assessments, and the associated evidence.

It is managed by talent themselves in their own Blockchain workspace, where they can store and encrypt their data and certificates for on-demand access and instant verification.


2018 ICO :

To prepare the launch of the site, Talao initiated March 2018 a fund raising in cryptomoney (ICO: Initial coin offering). Objective: to raise 60 million dollars (approximately 52 million euros). The startup announced on August 6 on its Medium page that it had raised 7300 Ethereum, the equivalent of 2.6 million euros.

Despite potential of the project there are no big news since October 2019.




Abstract :

Our mission is to create an open source standardized decentralized booking protocol along with reference implementations that can be leveraged by participants in industries such as hospitality, travel, finance, healthcare, retail, automotive and more.

The Booking Token Unit (BTU) protocol is a building block for any decentralized application (dApp) or web site willing to implement booking features for their end-users. This standard also brings interoperability among decentralized applications that incorporate it.

The BTU protocol is being standardized as ERC-808 and requires the use of the Ethereum-based BTU token. The purpose of the BTU Token is to incentivize proper behaviors such as rewarding successful bookings and enforcing late cancellation and no-shows policies.

All applications implementing the BTU protocol would benefit from a hybrid approach that combines an on-chain smart contract and off-chain software components, providing more scalability. Finally, a transparent and public inventory enabled by an open-source protocol would considerably lower the entry barriers into the online booking markets.

Since 2018, the crypto-active BTU frees companies and their customers from the monopoly of Internet platforms. Professionals buy and distribute BTUs in order to encourage new digital uses.


Products :

BTU GROUP developed three different products :

  • BTU Direct
  • BTU Earn
  • BTU Hotel

Products works with BTU (Booking Token Unit), wich permit decentralized governance to improves purchasing power of customers.




Abstract :

PROTOKOL : Aim to improve efficiency of Company with Blockchain with main idea :

« From enhanced data security and settlement automation to increased transparency and collaboration, here’s how blockchain can improve business efficiency.


Efficiency is a major challenge for businesses in all industries across the globe. And since a company’s efficiency directly impacts its bottom line, that’s a serious problem. Continuous improvement, processes review, and an element of automation are all essential factors for becoming more efficient. But how do you reduce downtime and ensure that your company functions like a well-oiled machine? Blockchain can help improve business efficiency and solve systemic problems before they become barriers to growth or earnings potential. »

Main features :

  • Automating Settlements
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Improved Collaboration With External Partners
  • Increased Transparency
  • Leveraging Blockchain Technology With Protokol



Same team developed ARK - A Truly Adaptable Blockchain Platform

At the core of Protokol's enterprise blockchain technology is the ARK Core platform. An industry-leading blockchain development platform that enables the creation of bespoke blockchain solutions. Solutions that adapt to, and seamlessly integrate with, complex enterprise systems, networks and infrastructure.


4. IEXEC - Decentralized Cloud Computing


Abstract :

iExec is a decentralized network giving applications access to trusted off-chain computation and data.


Products :

iExec developed 4 mains products Scaling blockchain applications with open-source software and protocols.


  • iExec Marketplace

iExec introduces a new paradigm for cloud computing. Cloud resources can now be traded on a global market, just like any other commodity. Instant access to a large capacity of computing power from the provider offering the best rate.

  • iExec SDK

iExec offers CLI and JS libraries for developers. Execute ‘off-chain’ computations through the iExec decentralized cloud and overcome Ethereum scalability issues.

  • Dapp Store

Decentralized applications powered by iExec are featured on the Dapp Store. Developers can monetize their dapps and increase their visibility, while users can execute these applications thanks to the marketplace.

  • Data Wallet

Data providers can monetize their valuable datasets or AI models datasets with the highest level of security.


The iExec Token (RLC) :

iExec work with is native token : The iExec Token (RLC)

RLC is the native token of the iExec cloud platform. In exchange for RLC tokens, users can utilize the network to rent servers, data and applications.


5. KLEROS – The dispute resolution block layer. Fast, transparent and affordable justice for all.



Abstract :

Kleros is an open-source online dispute resolution protocol, which uses blockchain and crowdsourcing to settle disputes fairly. Efforts to develop the protocol are coordinated by the Kleros Cooperative, a Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) incorporated in France. All of our research and code development is open-source and free to all.


Team :

Team is an interdisciplinary and international team with a passion for the blockchain and its potential to transform law and governance. Kleros' vision is to build open technology enabling the courts of the future.



You can use KLEROS as Jury or partner who integrate Protocol in their marketplace.

Tokens used, both for reward and payment are ETHEREUM (ETH) and PINAKION (PNK).

Governance is decentralized and security permit by PNK distribued to each jury using Protocol.




Abstract :

DomRaider is an independent French company whose technological innovation is our spearhead. We believe in technology and its possibilities. Confident in our capabilities, we use our enthusiasm as a generator of ideas and solutions. We aim to open up new perspectives and uses by developing new digital solutions and by maintaining our pioneering attitude.

Products :

Auctionity : Decentralized real-time auction network on the blockchain

Youdot : Retrieve the best expired domain names to boost your SEO.


Team :



DOOMRAIDER developed a token, the DRT that permit to use Auctionity Protocol.

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