WTF with all these 'Shadows'?

By Keith Thuerk | Financial Stewardship | 23 Aug 2023

WTF with all these Shadows


I am a bit slow on the uptake, it took me learning about Shadow IT (Shadow Information Technology) to then learn about the Shadow Banking system. Yeah, I told you already I am slow. Let's jump into all things 'shadowy" and be honest when you clicked on this blog did the first thing that popped into your mind was it a shady back-alley dealings and loan sharks waiting to take drastic measures against debtors who can't pay?


Shadow IT (Shadow Information Technology) - the purchase of Cloud based IT assets/resources outside of the normal Capex spending system. Often paid for by Credit cards.

Nor to be confused with Shadow Groups in Microsoft Active Directory!


Shadow Banking System - shizzle they even have a Wikipedia page -

Silly me I thought Regulations were designed to everyone on a level playing field. 

Not sure how Dark Pools of Money tie into these shadow orgs just quite yet. Perhaps a topic for another day!

Any fear that China's Shadow Bank Crisis will Spillover into Housing? Hah, who am I kidding, just another ghost city. Perhaps those metro areas are for aliens to live among us?

According to Statista - from 2013 - 2018 Italy, S. Korea, China, India, Canada & Brazil lead the way for shadow banking. And I am certain since the CV-19 lockdowns all of this just magically went away. Poof no more problem




Even the IMF is aware of Shadow Banks...don't believe me check for yourself.

Anyone think of the 760+ struggling US Banks going to help or hinder the

Shadow Governments - WOW, this one was mind blowing, a seedy group of non-elected individuals that run Governments behind the scenes. AKA Invisible Gov, that actually make the decisions. 

Shadow Parties both heads of the two-headed political parties in the US (Dems & Repubs) have setup shadow Super PACS to subvert legal restrictions.

Shadow Groups

You must have heard of the Bilderberg's as well as the Free Masons? Right? How about the Yale group known as Skull and Cross Bones?

Shadow Board Group -  this one seems legit to me  it consists of nonexecutive employees being tapped to work with the executive board on strategic initiatives

What about Shadowy NGO (non-Gov Orgs) aka Mercenaries - groups that take directions from Governments but don't exist.  Probably nothing but a way to show less armed forces, but it every country follows this model are you really hiding anything? 


Summary - Shadow Banks operate outside of the system and thus are NOT calculated...anyone else see a problem here? Stay safe my friends!

Disclaimer - This is without doubt in my opinion, so believe nothing, trust no State representative at any level, trust no mainstream media, and question everything!


Credits - Statista for their 2013-2018 snippet and IMF for their Shadow Banking Vice Snippet.

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Keith Thuerk

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