Why is it 'UNEXPECTED'?

By Keith Thuerk | Financial Stewardship | 10 Jul 2024

Why is it 'UNEXPECTED'?


Why, just why is all this financial news 'UNEXPECTED' by top trained Economists and experts?

Recall, they have a high concentration of PHD level brainiacs sitting around postulating. Yet, they can't put together the simple? 


Why is Inflation unexpected when a Gov. prints $3T more to stave off shutting down the worlds largest economy?

Don't they understand the fundamentals?  Did they not learn the economic lessons when then President Nixon 'temporarily' closed the Gold window, the US Fiat oh, excuse me US $ got hammered in the open market?  Inflation spiraled upwards for years until the market was able to assign proper value.


Again, the Gov. shutdown an efficient method to transport Oil from neighboring country.

And Oil prices spike; yet its 'UNEXPECTED?  It must be really hard to understand that a pipeline is way more efficient than transporting oil in verses over the road trucks regardless of how long drivers can drive on a given day.


Everyone expects the US Fed to magically pull a calming rabbit out of its hat and bring rates down.

Its worth repeating again, the US Bond market shows where Fed will go, so the rate hikes should not have been 'UNEXPECTED' by anyone paying attention.   What they should be asking is HOW was the Fed able to keep rates near 0.00% for nearly a decade?


Another example is the sheer amount of Restaurants closing left and right, yet we hear it is still 'UNEXPECTED'.

It shouldn't been the COVID cash (i.e. Gov. Stimulus $) is gone and nobody is working. This is all part of the natural process of an economy weakening through less spending.  Checkout the report from FSR to read more.


Why oh why did BTC Drop?

It sure couldn't have been the US Gov & German Governments dumping 1000's and 1000's of MT. Gox seized BTC onto the market . Even my 100year old grandma knows when too much supply hits the market prices go down to keep them being sold and not dropping like a greased anvil.




How is this unexpected? Why are we still listening to this propaganda?  Come on Man, its not 'UNEXPECTED' its just part of their plan! To play dumb and then blame you, yep blame you for having too much free time and disposable income.  You figured out their game yet?


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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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