Noticing the links between Corporations and Governments? Fascism

By Keith Thuerk | Financial Stewardship | 19 Mar 2022

Noticing the links between Corporations and Governments? Fascism

I trust everyone is paying close attention to the Sanctions against Russia, Putin and Russian Oligarchs.  Have you noticed, a new pattern where Governments issue restrictive sanctions then are followed by Corporations (not limited to just US corporations) not just removing employees, but fleeing Russia altogether.  I do not believe this has taken place in the history of the world. Anyone else see or have a problem with this joint operation? 

State and Corporate power working together!   Hmm where have I seen this in my World History, if only I could recall.

So what is next? A shift to Stakeholder Capitalism? Not familiar with Stakeholder Capitalism? It involves the behavioral modification of corporations to benefit stakeholders; not shareholders. A tectonic shift to individuals and groups that stand to benefit from loss from corporate behaviors!

Let me help you remember

Fascism should more properly be called corporatism since it is the merger of the state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini 


Does the ringing of the bell scare the mess out of you? It should, nothing new here just new citizens to try out a painful less upon the unsuspecting.

What could make it worse?  Well, let's have fun and say if all of this War stuff was part of the WEF (World Economic Forum) Great Reset Plans. I am probably way off base here... as in like spot ON.  Right from their Great Reset Playbook - Corporate Stakeholder model overlaps with the WEF governance and geopolitical model: favored corps and states are combined in public/private partnerships and share control of governance.  Wow, sounds like blissful utopia.

Think it will work? Seems like we are about to find out as Corporations will have to start wielding to new state apparatuses without having to answer to those silly little voters.


I bet you can't wait for the WEF promise - we own nothing and are happy about it.


The reality is more likely... scenarios like these


These are not funny pics, I am posting real photos of a Large US city that was become 100% 'woke'.  Which means the politicians have stripped away all the basics a human has food/shelter/security and non of those issues can be discussed or brought up. See the victims here, are so consumed with basic hunting and gathering they can't be bothered with how the Political class is strip mining their city and state clean. Silly voters they fall for it each time.

How could this happen? First, everyone would have to buy into the story all these things are just happening like no other force is being used. Then the complete destruction of Free markets, Individual Liberties and Free Will.  Do your part and start getting out of their systems and push back against pure Evil legislation, speak up. Well unless you live in a country where you end up in pieces in your own luggage if you do, well I have not figured that part out yet.

Summary - it's time to see the controlled destruction you are living in.  Your life and your families lives are being taken advantage of by sick and evil group. It is time to buckle up and take action!  For Evil to Win, Good must take not action!

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