Is Coffee a Cult?

By Keith Thuerk | Financial Stewardship | 10 Apr 2021

Is Coffee a Cult?


As a non-coffee drinker I am always asked wanna grab a coffee?   Which here lately had me wondering if the Coffee drinking community a Cult?

Why you might ask?  Well they are always trying to recruit new members.  Most start drinking coffee at young ages.   Now schools are promoting coffee to aid in attention spans.  Wait what?  When I was a kid, caffeine was supposed to stunt your growth?  What changed? 

Coffee drinkers have snobs and class systems too.  Oh, I only drink at Stinky Brand coffee, or I only drink sustainably sourced coffee.  Oh, I only drink 9000 degree coffee, or I only drink slow drip.  I only drink coffee in shot format, or I drink scalding in the am and iced in the afternoon.  Not sure I understand all that!


For me coffee smells amazing, however, the taste is bitter and sour to me.   I can't see putting sugar in due to the issue its brings to the human body.  Creamer, why waste good cream in ground up soil?

Makes me wonder why do people drink coffee?  With all the stigma, do you drink it as jump start juice?  Do you drink it for the fellowship?  Do you drink it to get amp'd up for a workout? Do make it through your work shift?  Do you drink it to for caner fighting properties?

Would you give up your coffee?

What do you think is Coffee a Cult?


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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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