Why We Think about Cryptocurrencies as Assets to invest in not to purchase

In 1997 the book Rich Dad Poor Dad came out written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. I like the way he explains what an asset really is, he described an asset as anything you have that puts money into your pocket. He went on to describe a liability as anything that takes money out of your pocket. 

So an asset makes you money while a liability costs you money. 

So the secret to financial freedom (the purpose of this blog) is to obtain enough assets to generate a livable income. 

And guess what, crypto coins and tokens are assets!! Why? Because they can make you money (put money into your pocket.)

Let's look at something else I think many people don't realize. 

I think many people today see investing in crypto as though it was a purchase instead of an investment. You see a purchase is the term you use when you exchange money for a good or service. Once the transaction is complete your money now belongs to someone else and in return you have either your good or your service. 

Investing is not the same a purchasing. When you invest into crypto your money has not left you pocket it has simply changed form and converted into whichever type of cryptocurrency you have chosen at that moment. 

Now simply pay attention to your investment and when it increases in value (asset) use the technique I discussed in my post https://www.publish0x.com/financial-freedom-by-investing-in-crypto/how-to-eliminate-risk-to-reduce-anxiety-xllvgvz 

to convert profits to create cash-flow. 

Remember, you can sell your crypto assets at anytime to convert its value back to cash, but cash itself is not an asset. Cash cannot put money into your pocket it's simply the currency of choice used to acquire assets, and it's the assets (like crypto) you acquire that generate the money that goes into your pocket. 

Assets generate money back into your pocket that can be used to invest into more assets that can generate more money into your pocket. This is the secret to financial freedom and it's totally achievable thru the obtaining of assets. 

And Financial Freedom thru investing is the purpose of this blog.

Thank you for reading.

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Financial Freedom by investing in crypto
Financial Freedom by investing in crypto

The worlds economies are not designed to provide individuals with financial freedom. Gone are the days that a company pays pension plans. Today each individual has to look after him or herself especially if they want to retire with any sort of comfortable lifestyle. In today's markets there are just too many ways for people to lose, that shouldn't be a surprise as the system is designed to make you lose. This blog is about taking responsibility for our own financial future, by investing in Cryptocurrency.

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