What are the currencies of life, and how can I "earn" more?

Every person on earth has the exact amount of time in a day, 24 hours. In case you haven't noticed not everyone on earth has the same amount of money to invest in cryptocurrency. 

Let me let you in on a little investor secret, EVERYTHING HAS A COST!! Now, sometimes that cost is money, sometimes it's something else, but everything has a cost. This means that because not everything costs money each individual has to extract some brain power and first figure out what something costs and if you are willing to pay that cost to receive the desired item or service. 

The same principle is true for cryptocurrency, not all crypto has to be purchased for money. This gives us non millionaires out there something that traditional markets (like the stock market) doesn't offer. I mean how many times has someone just randomly given you some stock in their company just because they like you? Probably not very often, but there are crypto offers that do just that. 

Remember that everything has a cost though right? So if this crypto doesn't cost money what does it cost? Well, most of the options I have found recently cost your time. That's right they cost a few moments out of your 24 hour day. Most people out there spend hours online literally wasting some of their limited time, why not get paid for it? Are you browsing online with BRAVE? This browser literally pays you BAT to view the very limited ads that pop up while you're online. Do you use an exchange that offers to pay you crypto as long as you watch a short video or take a short quiz about that particular cryptocurrency? Coinbase has an "earn" section where it pays you fixed dollar amounts of crypto to watch videos. And the videos only take about 3 min each. Once "paid" you can transfer your "earned" crypto to the token or coin of your choice. This is a great way to grow not only your crypto portfolio but also this let's you grow your knowledge base which is what you really need to help you achieve your dream of financial freedom. 

The point is that in nearly every aspect of life there are alternate means of purchasing what you desire. You can spend money, or if that's not an option you can look for other ways like trading your time, your opinion, or even your knowledge to get your outcome. The key to being successful not just as an investor but to being successful in life is to identify what something costs using various currencies (money, time, other...) and then take a moment to reflect if you are truly willing to pay that cost. 

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Financial Freedom by investing in crypto
Financial Freedom by investing in crypto

The worlds economies are not designed to provide individuals with financial freedom. Gone are the days that a company pays pension plans. Today each individual has to look after him or herself especially if they want to retire with any sort of comfortable lifestyle. In today's markets there are just too many ways for people to lose, that shouldn't be a surprise as the system is designed to make you lose. This blog is about taking responsibility for our own financial future, by investing in Cryptocurrency.

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