How to join the FVT basic liqiudity pool testing

By yihzymoney | | 2 Apr 2021

The competion is as per medium page here

1. set your metamask to ropsten testnet

ropsten metamask

2. check if you have any ropsten Eth, you will need to convert some eth to FVT in ropsten uniswap

3. convert some eth to FVT. Add fvt to metamask 0xF7eF90B602F1332d0c12cd8Da6cd25130c768929

4. goto the test page

fvt deposit page

5. key in the amount of fvt that you wish to deposit, do not key in more than what you have in your metamask. click deposit.

6.Approve the txn and you are done

7. observe if your deposit is in


8. withdraw FVT before competition ends


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