Film review: Triangle

By Diabeeton | Film reviews | 7 Sep 2020

My opinions on the film triangle:

I reviewed this film on my letterbox account: I have this film a 3 and a half out of 5.

These are my thoughts after watching the film: Watched this in a English class a few years ago I found the film to be interesting I enjoyed the mystery and whilst watching it was questioning what the fuck was going on it kept me guessing. I was happy that the film didn't explain itself but had hints throughout the film about Greek mythology (i think). 

I won't spoil the film by explained the Greek mythology it is linked to as if you new the mythology the film's mystery would be completely ruined u suggest watching the film and then see if u know the mythology it is based on and if you don't just Google what it's based on.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on the film.


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