Lightning Network - What does this technology change?
Lightning Network - What does this technology change?

By fervi | fervi | 13 Oct 2019

Before I go to the social platforms on Bitcoin, I have to discuss Lightning, because they often use this platform. I won't describe how the technology works (unless you want to) and what changes the life of the average Bitcoin user.

Fast payment methods

Of course, I won't write much about it here, because that was Lightning's goal - to make quick, safe and cheap payments using Bitcoin.


Thanks to the Lightning network, you can create entire game systems known from Ethereum, EOS and Steem platforms. So, all in all, simple games with the option to earn money. Such a service is provided by

Some games are quite good (I recommend to see "Skulldude" and "The lair").

Social media platforms

Era Lightning allows us to create more and more interesting projects, which previously would not have the right to operate (or with problems). One of them is social media of various kinds. Of course, about the beginnings, and in my opinion the most interesting project of this type I will show in the next entry you can see for yourself two, which are alternative versions of


I'm not a fan of Paywall, so I just watch these projects, but who knows? works despite Paywall.



With Lightning, you can transfer a lot of things to Bitcoin from microprojects. You can sell for e.g. 10 satoshi access to your songs (which you created yourself) or paintings. There are all the services with Paywalls, and it depends on you how you use it.


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