Ferrum Network Weekly Update — August 14, 2019

By Ferrum Network | Ferrum Network | 16 Aug 2019

Hello Ferrum Community,

We are initiating a weekly update series to provide a information on our progress, and let you know about upcoming developments.

The focus will be on the tech and business, as well as all everything happening at Kudi, our fiat gateway + payments app in Africa.

Ferrum Network Business Update

This week we are excited to report the following business developments:

  • Launched our Social Mining platform, with nearly 250 sign-ups in 2 days and tens of thousands of points awarded! Remember to hold a minimum of 5000 FRM to start earning…first payout coming soon. Sign up heretoday!
  • Sat down with a potential partner from a top 30 project interested in UniFyre Wallet and Kudi Exchange integration. More info to follow.
  • Continued to lay the groundwork for a Ferrum Network fiat gateway/payments app in Europe and will be bringing on a European based FinTech expert to help implement this product (announcement soon).
  • Began discussions with potential partners to help launch a Ferrum Network fiat gateway/payments app in the Middle East
  • Re-initiated discussions with a top stable coin issuer to discuss partnership and adding their stable coin to the UniFyre Wallet and Kudi App.

Ferrum Network Tech Update

This week we are happy to report the following technical developments:

  • Launched our own BEP-2 to ERC-20 Token Bridge, and released an article explaining the security considerations behind our design
  • Hired a developer — Wycliff Kasiyre — who brings a wealth of technical experience to product development
  • Began work on our staking system, which will be implemented within the UniFyre Wallet to enable the staking of FRM
  • Continued development updates on the Kudi app, including a major update to add Ethereum
  • The Token Bridge has converted approximately 30,000 FRM tokens at an average fee of 40%, resulting in approximately 12,000 burned FRM.

Kudi Update

Here are the updates for Kudi from the past few weeks in terms of team, sales/marketing and events.

The Team

First off we have some new additions to the Kudi team.

  • Achiekere Achu has worked in the banking industry for over 10 years, she will bring her sales and support experience to Kudi.
  • Emmanuel Omuetha has had numerous years of experience with Jiji.ng, and Konga. He will also be bringing his sales experience to the team.
  • Peter Arinze has previous experience with retail and corporate real estate sales. He will be leveraging those contacts to sell the Kudi Exchange POS systems.
  • Last but not least is Adedeji, an event support specialist. His job is to support the local events in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sales and Marketing

The Kudi Team has been hard at work increasing awareness and growing its user base. The team has held 2 events at Federal College of Education Akoka, yielding approximately 300+ new users on the platform. We are planning more events to educate the people on the benefits of Kudi and blockchain technology.

1*xPnFmoR6LJJJXlXplEui7w.jpeg?q=201*xPnFmoR6LJJJXlXplEui7w.jpeg Kudi Event at Federal College of Education Akoka

In addition, the Kudi team has been hard at work selling the app’s Point-of-Sale system to businesses in the Lagos Island area. We have successfully closed several companies to use the Kudi POS from a variety of business sectors.

1*J7iqlZQaxcSULFGir03YgQ.jpeg?q=201*J7iqlZQaxcSULFGir03YgQ.jpeg New Kudi POS Customer

We have also created a beta page to view customers currently using the software. The page can be found here: https://kudi.exchange/kudi-merchant/. We will also be conducting business specific promotions and events to drive sales to our Point of Sale system.

Upcoming Events

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Ambassador Program. Details to be announced soon
  • New Atlantic Mall Trade Fair. September 6th, 7th, and 8th
  • Bogobiri Hotel Event (POS event). Date to be announced soon
  • Abuja Blockchain Conference. October 5th, and 6th.

If you are interested in attending these events or helping out, please join the Kudi Telegram channel and ask for an admin!

Coming Up Next — Bi-Monthly Video AMAs

We will be starting a bi-monthly video AMA based on your questions! Every 2 weeks we will be fielding questions from the community and answering the 5 best questions via YouTube video. Please look out for the first one coming up in the next weeks.

Otherwise, we look forward to starting beta testing of the UniFyre Wallet, engaging with more partners, and listing on more exchanges.

Please stay tuned for all updates!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team


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Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network

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