By Ferhat76 | Ferhat76 | 11 May 2020

I am not a fan of Nigerian movies. Each time I go to the cinema, it is always to see a Hollywood movie but on this special day, it was my girlfriend's birthday and in my own way of making it special for her,  I took her to go see a Nollywood movie because she is a fan of home movies.

  The movie we saw is titled "Dear Affy". Dear Affy is a romantic Nigerian comedy produced in 2020. The movie although full of intrigue was mixed with passion, ambition, a lot of humour and power skirmishes.   Dear Affy tells the story of a beautiful ambitious career lady who had no time for relationships until she met the man of her dream at a bar after works. Although she knew him to be a popular play boy, she took the risk of loving him hoping he will change just for her.    Yes he did change for her as he dated her for a year and six months without sex which was her rule. All through the 1year and six months, she never allowed him get to the lower base. Although she had her fears he might be getting it elsewhere but the one time cassanova stayed true to his promise and got her engaged with the hopes of getting married to her.   Something happened. While they were planning for the wedding of the century, her fiancé was on the verge of sealing a millions of naira worth of contract with a female billionaire whose condition was for him to sleep with her just once and the contract would be his. Her fiancé was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Should he do her bidding and secure the contract and the money for his wedding or should he refuse her advances and risk losing his job?   Turns out that he chose what he considered the lesser evil but then it backfired because Affy got wind of the affair through the pictures she sent to his phone. Angry, she called off the wedding. She was so embittered and her friends decided she had the perfect solution to make her forget her pain.   Three weeks later, Affy fell sick and tested positive to pregnancy. She never had sex with her fiancé or any man but here she was with the pregnancy result showing positive. The hunt began for who could possibly be the father of the child.   This movie is very intriguing and so hilarious it will have you cracking your ribs but with a ​​​​lesson to teach.  

  • Affy never cared to listen to the explanations of her man. If only she did, things would not have gotten so bad for her. In every relationship, there must be issues. The willingness of both parties to dialogue will go a long way to solving it.


  • She made a decision while angry and this decision cost her a lot. It is dangerous to make a decision in the heat of the moment when you are very emotional as you may end up regretting it later. 


  • Whatever decision she made was because she listened to her friend. Friends are good but not every of their advice must be followed. It is always important to weigh the pros and cons.

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I love blogging and content writing. I aim to write to my followers in the best condition.


I love blogging and content writing. I aim to write the best content to my followers.

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