By Ferhat76 | Ferhat76 | 2 May 2020

Experts Reports: "Bitcoin Should Be in a Totally Separate League Now!"

Bitcoin's price has risen significantly over the past few days, and has risen, while breaking the very important resistance levels. As it is known, the cryptocurrency had seen the $ 9,500 levels, since then it has returned to the current transaction price at $ 8,900.


In any case, while the stock markets have not yet fully recovered their strength, they have recovered from the middle of March.


Bitcoin Stock and Gold Separates

The last few days were quite interesting for Bitcoin because its price has risen again, and after mid-March liquidation, the recovery is fully completed.

Bitcoin was highly correlated with stock markets that experienced one of its biggest historical drops. But now things seem to be changing.

Many experts said that Bitcoin should now be in a completely separate league. This will allow it to set itself as a viable alternative and fulfill its original purpose.

Effects of Bitcoin Halfway?

It is estimated that halving the bitcoin supply will take place approximately 11 days later. This activity is one of the most important events in the progress of the network, as the activity that will halve block rewards will reduce the supply of newly released bitcoin to the market.


It has been a major bullish catalyst, as the price after splitting historically has always increased during the year. While history is not an indicator, recent positive developments may be indicative of increased demand before it is halved.


However, if Bitcoin does not leave the old markets, the effects on its price may not be as expected. This is because economists predict a serious ongoing financial crisis caused by the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

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I love blogging and content writing. I aim to write to my followers in the best condition.


I love blogging and content writing. I aim to write the best content to my followers.

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