Tower of God, an epic anime made by Crunchyroll

Tower of God, an epic anime made by Crunchyroll

By felipejoys | felipejoys nongaming | 9 Apr 2020


Tower of God

Although it feels somewhat western, the Crunchy Roll original Tower of God feels very exciting starting from it's first episode - only two are out at this time. An action-oriented animation with great fighting choreography, a very interesting set of characters and equally mysterious lore.

Bam has forgotten about his past. Rachel finds him in an underground cave, teaches him what she knows, but eventually leaves to enter the Tower of God, said to be capable of granting power and any wish to those who rise to the top, but only so she can stare at the stars in it's sky. Bam, who feels like he belongs to Rachel, managers to follow her.

A sinister keeper meets him, presenting his first trial which seems impossible to complete. Fortunately for him, a princess and her bodyguard stumble upon them. This lucky turn of events might just be enough to overcome the task that has been set, but even then it will only be the beginning.

Because the anime is just starting, I don't want to spoil anything so I haven't gone into any details. It is great and you should start watching Tower of God right now! Get a feel for it in the official trailer below.


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