The Paranoid-Bipolar Society we Live in.

By Feedmypsyche | feedmypsyche | 9 Mar 2021

Too extreme? You tell me.  

Why Paranoid?


When is the last time you've been out running some errands and talked to strangers for no reason whatsoever? How many times have you been stopped by a stranger and your instinctual reaction is to be defensive and distant? How many times do we witness seeing people actively in distress while everyone keeps on moving on with their life and ignore the fact that these people might need our help?


We are scared.


Here are some definitions of the words community and society according to Oxford Dictionaries :



1 A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

2 The people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities; society.




1 mass noun The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.

2 The situation of being in the company of other people.


Yet nowadays all we see is distance and self-interest. We have let the media influence the way we feel about others. The bombardment of negativity, death and evil we hear about every single day has made us paranoid that we are surrounded by this evil. So instead of doing our best as a community to fight back this evil with our humanity, we lock ourselves into our own tiny little worlds as distant as we can from others and hope that no-one will interfere with out life if we don't interfere with theirs.


Why Bipolar?


Because our paranoia is transformed into our excitement, friendliness and openness through social media. We somehow find an illusion of safety through social media as we feel like we are in control of who we talk to and therefore surround ourselves with people we like. We are scared to talk to a tourist who looks lost and might need our help out there in the real world but we have no problem talking to a foreigner asking for directions on a Facebook Group. We are sceptical about people's intentions when we meet them in person but we open up freely on social media even if we are exposing our lives for everyone to see. We don't mind it, because we think we're in control.


Our sense of community in the real world is being taken over by the community we have built online. We don't need to build new relationships or prove ourselves to our community because we already did that online. We don't need to help others out of our own free will, but we might do it and take a photo of it to get the satisfaction of approval from our online community.


Our Morality is desensitized and our motives are corrupt. We cannot hide from the reality of our world through an illusion of safety. We need to give back to our community, our REAL community because the online community doesn't need YOU to function, but your actual community does. Everybody is constantly saying that they have lost faith in Humanity. Maybe it's about time we stop blaming "humanity" as something we lost faith in and own up to the fact that it is OUR responsibility to recreate this faith. If you're not doing something to restore it then you're automatically doing something against it.


Be active in your REAL community, not your fake one.

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