Reviewhunt: Now on Uniswap DEX

By favicon | fav | 5 Feb 2020

I already made $20.80 on ReviewHunt since the Relaunch.


It's super super good, and working - but what to do with the tokens?

Until today it was only tradeable on some obscure KYC Korean exchange, but this has changed now.

Someone started a DEX based market on Uniswap, and now you can

  • Buy HUNT
  • Sell HUNT
  • Provide Liquidity (ETH/HUNT) and earn market fees


When selecting the token you have to use the correct smartcontract 0x9aab071b4129b083b01cb5a0cb513ce7eca26fa5


  • Click: Select a token


Now you have the choice to either buy or to sell it.

  • Adding liquidity ETH/HUNT works the same via Pool

There is not a lot of liquidity yet, so price may swing by a lot. Hopefully @steemhunt team will do their part and add some good liquidity...

As always, enjoy the game and happy earning!

Click Here to join me on Reviewhunt, thank you! :)

Originally posted on my Steem Blog

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