How to receive 19.82% APR on DAI

How to receive 19.82% APR on DAI

By favicon | fav | 17 Feb 2020

First of all, this is more risky than for example simply using compound, because we will use 3 instead of 2 smartcontracts. And anything can happen :) Just be aware of the increased risks!


Move DAI

Move your DAI to

Move yDAI to Curve

Go to and move your yDAI to the curve contract.

If you only trust in DAI, make sure to de-select


Again, this bears more risk than simply holding DAI (I would rather hold AMPL tho), or using it in compound.

For now it is worth it... and I hope curve/iearn come up with a compromise to insure against smartcontract hacks/failures in return for some APR. I would gladly trade in 5% APR to have my deposit insured!

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