How-to move Bitcoin with ZERO transaction costs

How-to move Bitcoin with ZERO transaction costs

By favicon | fav | 28 Apr 2020


Using pBTC and EOS.


pBTC is an IOU based Bitcoin token, launched first on Ethereum and it's part of PieDAO's BTC++ ETF

They partnered with EOS Stablecoin provider EOSDT to bridge Bitcoin to EOS.

Here's how to FREE

First of all, you need an EOS account and a wallet, I recommend to use Get-Scatter for both actions :)

Head over to mint pTokens and send in your Bitcoin from mainnet.


Usually you need to stake some EOS (buy here) in CPU to unlock free transactions, but there is nice little trick to get up to five transactions for free per day.

pTokens EOS Announcement: Click Here

Secure & Anonymous VPN - Uploadfilter? Censorship? Privacy leaks? No Thanks!


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