EOS OG gambling site DICE to offer easy onboarding

By favicon | fav | 12 Jun 2020

Dice.one one of the first and oldest EOS gambling sites has added easy onboarding recently.

Means you just need an account name and password, with optional e-mail and EOSIO account linking to play.


You can now deposit EOS by selecting Transfer and it's possible to do it directly from Binance, with no need for an actual EOS account.

As an investor I welcome the easy onboarding on the one side, but on the other side I'm super concerned with how centralized this has become.

How to run a REAL DApp

in my honest opinion, of course

  1. Use IPFS as host
  2. Use Blockbase as EOS based, decentralized DB
  3. Use DAPPaccounts for friction-less, multi-chain onboarding

I would totally move my investment to a casino like this. Decentralized, unstoppable and trustless.

Maybe in the future...

Test your luck?

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