WHO CAN WIN 250K SATOSHI? In the meantime, claim your FAUCET..

By Rikolo | FaucetWay | 4 Nov 2020

  8313c76a5453fa95541bd72102dee24beda25c3c2f072ee1c9efa94dfb1fa8ad.png   Faucet yes Faucet no, it's always the same dilemma.
By now we know well how it works and that for a very small fraction of bitcoin or other crypto you have to solve captchas while being bombarded by advertising.   However, it remains a system that allows you to accumulate crypto currency with very little effort, which continues to bring users closer to the world of digital currency.  

Maybe we all started like this a little bit.   For this reason even today I find myself having some favorite historical faucets to which I dedicate some time with little effort. For example, now that I'm writing this post, every now and then I click some captcha, perhaps a bit as an anti-stress.   

We all know the most famous and they are those supported by the COINPOT MICROWALLET and I also visit them once a day to accumulate the daily percentage up to a maximum of 100% and then there is an interesting system that accumulates THE TOKEN COINPOT which has many uses besides being converted with BITCOIN,
BITCOINCASH.    7985b3fbd84f261614662d0f12543a4822556139951c2c9cf8617c5cd8649b06.png The numbers of people using COINPOT FAUCETS are staggering. In short, it is not really a small niche.  

However, the peculiarity of COINPOT's FAUCETs lies in the fact that you can make the claim when you want without time constraints since there is a counter that continues to accumulate cents of tokens until they are claimed.   But I want to try to win 250,000 satoshis!

I recently started clicking my SATOSHI HERO  becausee I have heard rumors of someone who even managed to win 1000 satoshi in one go.
In addition, if you do 2 maths and without wasting too much time, every 8 minutes you can make 3 claims on SATOSHI HERO and I am making an average of 10 satoshi x 7 times in an hour, equal 70.   Of course I keep the faucet open which warns me when it is ready to be claimed, so in the meantime I do other things. But can you find me a faucet that in one day it may be possible to give 1000 satoshis as a gift if only we had the patience to click all day?
In addition there is the possibility to make a lucky claim and receive 50, 100, 1000 satoshi all together.

And why not, maybe there will also be some lucky winner of the 250,000 satoshis.

However, in addition to SATOSHI HERO I have another window open, that of BONUS BITCOIN  alwayss belonging to the COINPOT family, because claims can be made every 15 minutes and up to 5,000 satoshi can be received.

Here too it's a bit of a challenge to myself to see if I can make a bang.   Clearly you don't get rich by clicking on the FAUCETs, but it is a system to accumulate a few handfuls of satoshi and if we think about how much bitcoin was worth at the beginning of the birth of the faucets and how lucky the first serial accumulators were, perhaps it is not so wrong to keep clicking our favorite faucets.

 Given the price of Bitcoin today if I had continued assiduously to reclaim satoshi instead of doing it intermittently, I would have had a nice nest egg.   

Thanks for reading my post.  

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