Why Staking on expresscrypto.io is a good idea

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 19 Jan 2021

So since Expresscrypto.io support staking of different coins and more is to come later on i would write a smaller post about what makes staking a bit different from normal staking platforms or the coins own staking system. The yearly reward might not be the highest out there on all coins, but there is other things that expresscrypto.io got that others doesn't

Staking with Expresscrypto.io do for eg not have a single fee around depositing your funds to the staking pool like a coin like Cardano that have overe 2 ADA fee to send to one of the staking pools that are listed on its list inside its wallets where EC have its own staking pool with ADA and take not a single coin to move from your Expresscrypto wallet to your staking wallet within Expresscrypto.io.


Rewards per year


Right now there is a standard yearly rate of 3.5% on Cardano, Komodo and Tezos and 6% for Tron. That said you can still grow your yearly rate with 1% and it all depending on how much staked and your level. You will gain 0.001% per coin you stake on the platform as well as per level you gain on the platform. So still as a fully new user you can start staking with max reward by depositing 1000 full coins into the staking pool to get the exstra 1% on any of the coins tho will have to be per coin staked. 

Its only your level that goes forward all coins so if you are level 1000 you will gain 1% on all coins in the case you can't deposit 1000 of the same coin to reach the full exstra % on your staking reward.




other good things with the staking is you wont have to unstake tron every 3 days and can just leave it in the staking pool and still get you reward for stake, tho ADA, KMD and TRX are locked for a set amount of time at start because of each coins cycle which you can see more about on the image below or check the staking page guidelines.


Expresscrypto.io still have other coins that we already have a wallet for but still not added to staking that we will in the near future add to the staking list so all users to earn a lot more from their proof of stake crypto. 


As seen on the image above you will always be able to calculate what you reward would be all from every day to 1 year of staking and it even calculate how much you will get in % from your deposit as well as level and add it to the 3.5%, but since i already get 0.171% from my level it will not give more then 0.829% from the coins deposit since you max can get 1% on top of the standard base rate.


So do you need a good staking pool on the side with being able to claim free crypto from over 1500 faucets, offerwalls and much more and even exchange directly and quickly on site without any problem then CLICK HERE to sign up!

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