Running a website ? Here is a good advertising company for you.

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 25 Jul 2019

So yea, as a website owner my self i know it can be hard to get into a good adnet that actually pays somewhat a good amount of money for your views. I mean there is plenty of adnets out there paying in bitcoin, but all the good paying adnets like bitmedia and specially Mellow ads that is one of the hardest to join tho also one of the highest paying adnets owned by coinpot.



This company is an amazing adnet where you have the control. They have a lot of different sizes so you can easy get the size you need for your website that both support text and image ads. The different with Adaround is that they do not pay in bitcoin but their own coin that already is listed on 2 exchanges and is worth around $0.09 per coin. No its not an Ethereum token, its is a fully own blockchain.

As you can see on the image below is that you have full control over what ads are shown on your website so you can remove all the banners that is for HYIP sites and so on so you know your site wont link to scam sites what so ever. I know there isn't a lot ads on the image but its mostly because i already have been trough all of them and approved or rejected ads before i wrote this article.



Compared to A-ads is Adaround actually paying a good amount of money per 1000 views that you get of impression and so on the banners and deserve a lot more usage and also why im writing this article about them. So if you have your own website and currently using a-ads and do not have the traffic to use bitmedia or Mellow ads then you should change to this adnet and actually make some money on your traffic. 

Adaround do have its own wallets and even browser wallet that kinda is like Metamask and so on.

Join now to get started


my Adaround address: 0030-00000087-DCBF

If you have some ADaround coins please feel free to send me some as a thanks if you think i deserve it!

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